Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Finding a New Thought

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One thing I find from time to time in talking with people about changing the way they think is that people really do want to change the way they think, but it’s like walking into a kitchen full of dirty dishes; it just seems too overwhelming and they don’t know where to start.

I’ve been there and I understand so I want to offer , now and again, a few things I do that help me to change my thoughts and perspective.

Before you can change your thoughts, you have to learn to be aware of them. Begin to notice what you’re thinking rather than letting your mind carry on a negative dialogue.

When you notice a negative thought that doesn’t serve a healthy purpose, simply stop thinking it. Physically shake your head and say, “I’m not going to think about that” or “delete!!!” or as I heard on a sitcom once “new thought, new thought, new thought.” (lol)

It may seem silly but it really works. Find a new thought that makes you happy. If you can’t find one, put on some happy music, go to the internet and search for uplifting quotes or videos. These things work. Over time the new thoughts will come more easily.

Sometimes there is just no solution and continuing to think about being wronged in the past will only lead to more pain for YOU (not the person who wronged you) in the future.

Learning to think differently is a journey. There is no instant change. It gets easier as you go along. As with any and every journey, it begins with a first step. Today you only have to take one step. If the thoughts that no longer serve you show up again, don't beat yourself up (more thoughts that don't serve you!). Just start again. It's a process.

Here's a funny video that I love. It may have been the first thing that started me on my journey. I can't remember for sure because there have been so many wonderful helpers along the way. This video is, of course, exaggerated. It's from Mad TV! But really, in some ways, it really is just that simple.


Ok. Well, it won't let me embed it, so here's a link. :)


Natalie said...


tinker said...

Oh that was great! We make it all so complicated sometimes, don't we?
Thanks for that, Lisa.

violette said...

oh how right you are Lisa.....i have to keep reminding myself to delete those negative thoughts. Like in "What the bleep" they say that we have created neural pathways of negative thinking so we really need to change them, stop the same pattern over and over again before we create a new pathway. Thanks for the reminder.

Love, Violette

Jess said...

I'm going to try to 'Stop It' today! Thanks for this inspiring post, it's just what I need at the moment :)

Coach Z said...

Groggy Froggy wake up. You won something over at The play of light and shadow!! Hurry!

Annie said...

Hey, that was great and I totally agree, change your thoughts, change your life.
You have an award over on my blog :-).