Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy May Day!


I hope everyone had a great week.

I have felt a great shift take place over the past couple of weeks. After lots of soul-searching and asking for guidance, my life has settled into a gentle rolling along of following nudges and living in the moment.

Patrick and I both realized that we were in a bit of a rut business-wise and simultaneously decided to get ourselves out of it. I started being more mindful of my thoughts and he resumed his practice of daily readings regarding properity.

We relaxed and had fun. We walked to a restaurant to have a glass of wine and some yummy food even though there was plenty at home for us. Yep. We decided to spend money unneccessarily and it was wonderfully nourishing to our souls. We all need to have fun and sometimes you just have to live NOW the way you envision your life being.

Finding Healing Through Creativity has been a tremendous gift to my life. It's true that sometimes we have to loosen our grip on our own ideas to make room for new opportunities. I had made the decision to stop trying to sell my art or to make money at SoulCollage and to focus all my business-thinking to Roanoke SuddenValues. I didn't remove my etsy shop because I like knowing it's there if I have a brilliant idea. hehe But I did remove my dolls. I had slashed the prices in an effort to move them out and nothing sold so I decided that my dolls will be gifts. Afterall, when I started making them, thanks to Violette Clark, it wasn't my intention to sell them. Likewise, I didn't begin doing SoulCollage with the idea of monetary reward. So I made and voiced the decision to offer these things as gifts, as service. I do have one wonderfully stubborn new friend who insists on paying me as her SoulCollage Mentor. I get the biggest kick when she introduces me to someone that way. "This is Lisa, my SoulCollage mentor." lol

Other than that, I am out of the Art Business. With that said, I am making more art than I have in a long time. Within hours of my decision to let the business idea go, I was guided to the Healing Through Creativity information and my entire being immediately felt that it was the place for me. Art has been my salvation. I can truly say that I have healed from my past, from things that have been done to me and things I have done to hurt others. That doesn't mean, of course, that the memories no longer come along and make me feel sad sometimes. That is life and it is normal. I didn't have a lobotomy. :) What it does mean is that when those memories come, I can acknowledge them for what they are and go on with my day, not allowing them to paralyze me or to make me think less of myself. I don't allow myself to sit around regretting anything. This is me. Right here. Right now. This moment is the amazing moment that counts. What I do right now is up to me and there is amazing opportunity in each glorious moment and gifts around every corner, both to give and to receive.

So now I am in a place to help others through their healing and mostly to reassure them that healing is possible and that they are absolutely worthy of that healing. It doesn't matter what your past holds, you deserve to be whole.

I have been making art to display at the Survivor Art Festival in October. Here is a new piece.

It's called Finding Peace with the Shadows.

Once I made the decision to focus all of my business energy on Roanoke SuddenValues, life has just been wonderful and made complete sense. Patrick and I work full-time at it. I've reorganized the office and I empty my to-do folder every day. We are adding new businesses constantly. Patrick works so hard. He is passionate about our business and what it can do for other businesses. I am, too. It is so effective that I just want to tell everyone about it! And my part of the business is just downright fun. I get to make graphics and write copy and do data-entry (ok, data-entry is not fun but I get to listen to Suziblu videos or something during this part lol), and the funny thing is, there is no way on Earth I could be doing this job without the years of blogging I've done. Almost everything I am able to do I have learned through blogging. Isn't that the coolest thing? :)

You just never know what life has in store for you if you keep your mind and heart open. It is key to allow the possibility of change and not hold too tightly to your ideas of "how" you will find happiness. Instead, keep your thoughts on love, giving and receiving, and on the feelings of joy and peace and determine that how those dreams come true is out of your hands and that you will have the gifts for whatever is presented to you.

Have a great weekend. Much love to you. xoxox


Kate Robertson said...


It sounds like you got it all together. Wonderful to see. I had an epiphany yesterday and then today more news. I will blog about it soon.


J C said...

An exceptional and wise post, Lisa. Love you! xoxoxoxoxo

Shell said...

Sounds like you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I'm happy for you and the great decisions you have made.

cheryl said...

I always leave your blog with a heart full of gratitude, for you and your gifts that you share with us. Thank you! I am totally resonating with your mention of our art and SoulCollage as income. I remember when I released selling my jewelry, and "trying" to get coaching soul opened up and that's when my Life's Work accelerated via my blogs and Inspiration. I am thankful to the Presence for all my channels of abundance. I am thankful for my dayjob that serves as a "sponsor to the art of living" - more of a channel. Your words and outlook refresh and enliven me and always keep me focused in Truth. Bless you my sister.. I love you.
xxoo, Cheryl

Kathryn Costa said...

It sounds like things are shifting and settling into a good place for you. Recognizing that it is okay for plans to change is so healthy. Brava for trying different things and deciding to move in the direction that feels right. Your finding your True North and I can see that art making has really helped you...hmmm sounds like a new blog that I know of. LOL

{soul hugs}

Annie said...

Lovely post, Lisa. Living in the moment and doing what feels right, is a wonderful way to live. I am doing this too. I have no job right now, and little money, but I feel a peace about it and daily miracles happen. xoxo

Lisa said...

Kate, I'm looking forward to reading about it!
Judie, I love you, too!
Thanks Shell. It's a good feeling.
Cheryl, I love you, too. It's a priviledge watching you life unfold.
Kathryn, hmm it does sound familiar. I remember hearing of True North Arts in Bloglandia! :D Very inspiring.
Annie, Peace is worth so much more than a regular paycheck, isn't it? Ahhhh. Love it. So happy for you.

trish said...

thank you so much for your comment on my Violette interview! It led me here so I could read this great post!! I've been struggling with anxiety, depression, and more, for as long as I can remember, and it's just been this past year (after finding my way to the blogging world and then starting to make art) that I feel like there is hope, that I have a purpose, that one day things will fall into place as long as I keep working on myself, working on my art (I can really feel it healing me) and having faith. Yet there's days when it's hard to hang in and hard to believe, but I try to open up my journal and just do something in it, usually a collage of images of how I hope the future looks like, and that helps me through those days. Wow, I'm sorry to ramble on like this, your post just got me thinking:) I've never heard of Healing Through Creativity, I'll have to check it out.
I look forward to coming back when I have more time to look around your blog!
take care and have a great day