Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This War is Over

This video was made by a new friend of mine, Chaos_In_Unity.

(I wanted to embed it, but I seem to be embedding challenged so please do take a look at it.)

I know I keep things here pretty light and it may seem that this video goes against everything I said yesterday. But I don't believe it does. Part of my healing process was finally facing who I really was and how I got to be that way.

SoulCollage and sketching combined with a lot of reading and research helped me to finally face my shadows and really come to grips with how they influence my thinking and my decision-making so that I could move on from them and make decisions based on what I wanted my life to be, not what it had been. It also helped me to find the strong, amazing woman hidden in there so I could BE her and allow her to influence my decisions more often!

The process of healing can sometimes be a long one and looking at your pain and recognizing how it affects every part of your being is crucial. Finding new thoughts is not about denying the things that have happened to us. Life is full of things we would not choose to go through. Healing is about recognizing those things, acknowledging the pain they cause us but learning to navigate life without allowing the pain to engulf us or to control our decisions. Eventually we find that reaching out to others is the most healing thing we can do both for them and for us. In fact, for the world. Nothing will lift us out of our painful worlds more than helping to lift someone from their painful world.

This video is about reaching out. It reaches out to those who have been through abuse or have DID (Dissociative indentity disorder) and it seeks to put a stop to abuse by raising awareness.

I think that's beautiful. I'm priviledged to know her.


gma said...

Good video. Many of us are injured children. The music and the images are thought provoking. Thank you for sharing it.

Stacy Wills said...