Friday, April 11, 2008

Thrifting Fever

Spring has sprung! It has been such a beautiful day and I've been sewing with the windows open, listening to the birds. Gorgeous and soul-soothing. I started the day with an extra teenager in the house. I made breakfast wraps for everyone as they woke up. I was cooking and cleaning the kitchen for three solid hours. LOL But I enjoyed every minute of it.

I have a bunch of pictures from my thrifting escapades. I hadn't really shopped for so long that once I got started this week, I couldn't stop.

New pillowcases A nice freshly laundered stack of pillowcases. I thought I would make dolls with them but I ended up putting most of them on my bed and the boys' beds and I am going to make skirts out of two of them. Keep your fingers crossed on the skirt thing.

This will probably become a doll. This is going to be a skirt. .50 cents.

Hanky Love A pretty little hanky. I'm not sure what I'll do with it.

PackageThree window valances for $4.00 and some change.

Eyelet ApronA pretty white eyelet apron. It was either 50cents or a dollar.

Spring Garland I got this pretty spring garland for a dollar. I've already used some of the flowers on a doll. This, the valances and the hanky all came from my favorite vintage/prim/shabby shop, Two P's in a Pod. Isn't it magical? I wish you could smell it!

Glass jarI got this neat little glass jar at Goodwill for a dollar.

One more shot of the Dishcloth I crocheted this dishcloth using the berry stitch (or popcorn?) for the first time. I really enjoyed doing that stitch.

Doll on fun yellow fabric. I made or am making (I haven't decided lol) this doll out of a vintage sheet. I quilted her instead of stuffing her so she hangs flat. I put some of those little flowers around her face. I may put more. I embroidered the sweet little birdie and appliqued it on before I sewed the doll together. She has lots of vintage lace and buttons. I drew her face with markers. What do you think of the quilted idea? Is she too flat?

Close up of birdie embroidery This is a close up of the little birdie, not one of my embroidery highlights. I didn't have my stitching mojo going, did I? I added the cute little butterfly bead I bought from Etsy and some extra stitching so it could fly around. :)

I made a little birdie today but I haven't taken a picture yet. I took a photo of an incredible canvas that my son did for an upcoming college art show but it's still in my camera. I'll try to get those pics up tomorrow.

I ordered and received this and this this week and plan to use them in dolls or quilties. Aren't they awesome?

I ordered this cute bag keep from Misseskwitty!
I can't wait for it to get here!

I think that's it for today.

It's a beautiful late afternoon. I think I'll do some more stitching! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

What a fun and newsy post!! I could almost feel spring in the air there (sadly we are in the midst of a big winter storm here! yuck) I love your doll--and think the fact that you quilted it is interesting. She is beautiful and I love the little bird embroidery--it's the perfect touch!
Your bag is in the mail and on the way--I should think you should get it within the next few days. Yeah!
Smiles, Karen

Lisa said...

Yay! I hope spring gets to you soon.

J C said...

Wow I need to go thrifting with you. I can't wait til "tourist season" is over, so I can get back to the thrift shops and find good things. It seems like the winter visitors love these shops too and grab it all up. Lovely post. xoxoxo

Lisa said...

Oh Judie, wouldn't we have fun thrifting together? :)

Hulda said...

Your blog looks so full of spring. :) I love your new look, and header. Your thrifting finds looks so nice. Lovely fabric and the basket too. Very nice. :)

gma said...

Love thrift stores and bargain can find the best things at the perfect did good froggy.
Gonna be a cute skirt.
Sending you love

Anonymous said...

I love the embroidered bird...and what a great bunch of thrifty finds!