Sunday, April 13, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday

Analise of Sugar*Sugar and Cerri of Little Pink Studio are taking turns hosting Show and Tell Sunday.

I missed the buttons, and the millenery flowers but I wanted to jump in with my hankies. All two of them. hehe I have my grandmother's hanky but, sadly, it is in my storage unit.

I got one this week and you've seen it in a prior post but I'll show it again.

I got this little beauty from Deb when I ordered a really beautiful tote bag from her. It was such a thoughtful extra and I really love it. It's really delicate. I have it under this little cup where I keep some of my beads.

The hanky at the very top is one I thrifted this week. I'm using it to pretty up my favorite metal box. It sits on my worktable to hold all of my scissors.

That's it. :) For a complete list of participants, go to Analise's blog and then enjoy the hanky love.


leesiebella said...

Hi Lisa~

Thanks so much for sharing, I'm glad you decided to jump in!!

Have fun!

Alisa Noble said...

Your two little hankies are both very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Pretty hankies - I bet your collection will grow! Love that little teacup.

Betty said...

I once just had two hankies too. Watch out. I'll bet you'll find lots more now.

Little Pink Studio said...

Thank you for playing along today!
~Cerri xo

Carla said...

I like how you dressed up your scissor box. So far, I haven't had any big collections either, but I have such fun peeking at everyone else's treasures that I can't resist joining in.

bluemuf said...

Your two handkies are beautiful.


The Apron Queen said...

What fun collections you have!

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