Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I got out for a bit yesterday. I think I touched every single thing in the linen bin. I might have even put half of every thing in my buggy, but in the end I was a very good girl and left with these things.Thrift Finds

Three pillowcases, now washed and ready to go.
Two wooden shelves that will be sanded and painted some purdy colors and
One white peg hanger thingie. I might just wash it and leave it white. I haven't decided.

I wasn't sure how I felt about using thrifted pillowcases as actual pillowcases but after I got them home and washed them in hot water, I found out I feel just fine about it. I'm going to go get more!

I also saw a great quilt made of vintage pillowcases here

Isn't that awesome? I might actually finish quilts for the boys' beds if I make them like that!

I was in a funk yesterday. Just felt sad over some things I can't control, but today I am better and am again just enjoying the way things are in my life and looking forward to an even better tomorrow. I'm grateful that no matter how sad I might be over circumstances beyond my control, I have a soon-to-be husband who is just sweet to me and doesn't get annoyed that I have an off day. He just kisses me on the head and tells me he loves me and pretty soon I'm back to my happy self.

I'm grateful that I can sit quietly and feel Source energy reminding me of who I am and how amazing it is to be alive.

It's spring. The sun is finally shining today! That helps more than I can say.

As exciting as it was to make big changes over the past year, at this moment in time it feels good to have routines and same-ness and calm and peace.

I am filled with joy in this moment and this moment is all I need. (and, incidentally, all I have)

May you have joy today. My love to you.


MissKoolAid said...

It's ok to have an off day once in a while. I don't think you'de be human otherwise!


J C said...

Thrift pillow cases are great. Laundry soap does wonders! I have shirts and blouses too! Anything to save money until I'm rich...LOLOLOL Stop laughing!

Good luck with your Soul Collage project. And isn't it sweet..that Patrick brings you the flowers? I love that!

Kitty Couture said...

Lisa, I adore going linen thrifting too. like you, I first start by putting half the stock in my basket - then I try to be good. LOL.
Wishing you peace and smiles!

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo true!
Love to you as well, what a great post!!

Cherry xoxoxoxo