Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tonight I was outside. I was looking at the half moon and thanking her for keeping the rhythm for us.

Then I realized there were planes flying over. I spotted three. I realize that the pilots were keeping a rhythm of sorts. They do an amazing job reading direction and getting folks where they want to go.

And even the neighbor who was out swinging a bat, apparently in practice, was practicing rhythm.

Life is about rhythm, isn't it?

I guess our job is to find the rhythm that works for us. We find the rhythm that makes our personal lives work while we try to fit into the rhythms of nature, life and friends.

Perhaps next year my "word" will be rhythm.


jodi said...

A good post. Like the picture.

Suzi Smith said...

mmm, how true!

Jess said...

Hmmm....not sure about the rhythmn of aeroplanes at the moment! We got stuck abroad for over week trying to get home due to the volcanic ash in Iceland causing flight cancellations. BUT
I love the moon, I love the way it guides us through the natural rhythmns of the tides. There's a lot to be said about nature. :) xx

Melissa said...

I love the first photo of the iris through the window - so pretty!!