Monday, April 26, 2010

It Was a Great Weekend.

The gorgeous azalea in full bloom and the irises. Our landlord's daughter painted the ones on the house behind the plant.
Even the Sage is happier here. Can't wait to see the blooms!

I made these yummy cookies this weekend.

And started knitting this dishcloth.
And crocheted these coasters. The cup was made by my sons' stepmother. Isn't it gorgeous? I want to buy a whole set of dishes like this. Maybe I'll get a first-wife discount? hehe
Here's what I see when I look out one of our windows. I like basement living.
I also have a beautiful view of the moon out this window. Last night, I got up around 3am to find our living room full of moonlight and looked up to catch the almost full moon.


Janet said...

Is that a new header? I really like it.

The azalea is so bright and full of blooms. I had to enlarge the picture and then I saw the painting on the house! How cool is that!!

Kate Robertson said...

You had a busy weekend and accomplished so much.. gorgeous flowers you get to see..


J C said...

I predict you will be staying in your new digs for quite awhile, cuz you sound really happy there. xoxoxo

Carrie and Justin said...

What a happy and wonderful blog!! I love the flowers, I love how happy you are, and I love the idea of "First Wife Discounts"!!!

Laura said...

what a cozy home you have settled into Lisa. I can picture you dancing in the moonbeams at 3am...something I have been known to do in the past:)

Anonymous said...

You have been a busy bee! I think Spring rejuvenates us. I get a whole new out look when flowers arrive at Lowes and the weather warms up. Have a great weekend!