Friday, April 30, 2010


I love May. It's no wonder that Beltane speaks to my heart. For an amazing post on Beltane go to Jasmoon Butterfly's blog and read her beautiful post. The images alone are worth the trip over. I don't usually like it when blogs play music automatically but her playlist is an enhancement. Her blog is an experience. :)

My plans for Beltane are to make this bread. I'm going to plant herbs that I've been waiting to buy at the Community Market tomorrow. I made some stones for marking the herbs. I got the idea at Jasmoon's blog in that same post. At the bottom is a video with a tutorial for making fairy stones. I decided to make herb stones but the only difference is that I am writing herb names instead of "fairy." I also made a little goddess while I was playing with the paper clay. In these pics, the stones are out drying in the sun. When they're dry, I'll paint them and seal them.

Sorry the pics aren't clickable. I copied and pasted to get them where I wanted them and it must have made them unclickable.

The one below reminds me of something from Easter Island. I really like it.

This is where the herbs will go. We have sage in there already. At the end we have some blue fescue that the landlord gave us just to fill in the edge. She also gave us some extra paving stones she had and Patrick surprised me by putting them down Wednesday. I really like the definition it lends.

This is our Beltane altar. Some irises from the yard that could no longer stand after the wind and rain last week. They have new blooms on them since bringing them in. I was wishing that I had a nice Beltane doll and then I remembered the one I made last Spring so I got her out and put her on the altar. I have a basket under the altar that holds all my dolls. So much nicer than keeping them in a plastic bag like I did at the other apartment. :D

I picked up The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd this week at the library. I stayed up late reading it and got up early to finish it. LOVE. I told Patrick that I just had to see the movie now. He just walked in with a copy of it. That man. How could you not just love, love, love him? So, I'll be watching that this weekend. He said, "and since this one's going to make you cry, I got this one (Couple's Retreat) to make you laugh." I don't know what makes him think it will make me cry. Just because I couldn't read the book for the tears and then cried just watching the trailer this morning. haha I wouldn't let myself watch the trailer until I was finished with the book because I liked my own characters and didn't want to lose them. But I will say that it looks like it is cast perfectly so I'm very excited.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I hope it is beautiful where you are.


Laura said...

Lisa don't you just the love the secret life of bees? gorgeous story! Happy Beltane!

Suzi Smith said...

Love those herbstones... enjoy your weekend. Beltaine blessings x

Lisa said...

Laura, yes! Wonderful story.
Thanks Suzi!

Nicky said...

I love the stones you've made. The very little I know about Beltane comed from the Diana Gabaldon 'Outlander' series of books. I also saw The Secret Life of Bees recently and cried my heart out. It is such a moving story - loved it!

Kate Robertson said...

I loved the book and the movie is good but not as good as the book. I have actually Met Sue Monk Kidd several times and she is the most wonderful woman. Get yourself a copy of Dance of the Dissident Daughter, its about her spiritual journey and it is really good.
That Patrick sure is a keeper...

KB said...

I LOVE your paperclay goddess sculpture.