Saturday, August 12, 2006


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I have been up to my eyeballs in magazine articles. I finally got them all edited and sent to the publisher so now maybe I can get back to blogging and sewing and painting.

I cut out this poor little chicken last week but have not got around to sewing her. There will be a beak. People here keep asking me that...well, Tim wanted to know if it would have lips. :D

I cut this out of a piece of needlework that I got in a grab bag from "Art on a Mission" which is a little store where people donate artful things, whether linens, china, framed art, crafts..etc (usually higher end stuff) and the proceeds go to the Rescue Mission. I get a good bit of my linens from there. I must admit, it's been a while since I've bought anything there because their prices started to escalate a bit over the past few months.

Tim and I made it out to a yard sale (or two) early this morning before anyone else was awake. We got so much stuff. We went to a church sale where we were told to fill a plastic grocery bag as full as we could get it for one dollar. Well, do you know how many craft items you can fit into a plastic grocery bag? LOL I actually felt guilty walking out because I got so much stuff. He got a whole bag of stuff, too and it cost us 2 bucks. I got 20 or more packages of seam binding, trim, lace and bias tape. I got thread, beads, vintage (I'm pretty sure) felt cut-outs with Christmas motifs, fake flowers, aprons, ohhhh a neat vintage sheet that I'm going to use to make an ironing board cover, paint, glitter, a glue much stuff.

Our only plan was to go to that church sale but we saw a sign for another yard sale and decided to go since it was nearby. Tim loves cigar boxes and we hit the motherlode. He got an big plastic bin full for $5.00! He jokingly asked the man if he might throw in a Cohiba ....well, when he went in to get bags for the boxes, he brought Tim a Cohiba. I thought Tim was going to cry. LOL Now, a Cohiba is an expensive cigar, so this gentleman made NO money at all. He was so kind and interesting. When we got home, Tim was looking through all the boxes (and gave me 2 of them ...yay) and he found one with some cigars left in it. He took them back to the man. He was so shocked he told him to keep them. I think they ended up splitting them. lol I also got some jewelry (for tearing apart) there and got Michael some blow pens and colored pencils (which he'd been asking for). When Tim was going through some of his stuff, he threw a really nice plastic case to me and said to give it to Michael for his pencils. Tim also got a leather purse. hehe He cut it up to make a sheath for a knife. There were other odds and ends that escape me right now. I bet we got nearly a hundred dollars worth of stuff today for less than ten. A good morning....and probably a total of 20 minutes. LOL I love yard sales that are near home.

Here are some pictures of the goodies, because I know you guys love looking at other people's haul as much I love looking at other people's haul.
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I just had to come back when I saw this pic, to looks like a little button funeral. lol This was one box Tim gave me (in addition to the two cigar boxes). It was a box for a very expensive lighter. I put the buttons in there while I was sorting stuff...and it looks like a little button casket, doesn't it? I'll put them in a jar pretty soon. :)
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Amy said...

Oooooh!! You found an amazing amount of stuff. And the price!!

Lisa said...

Amy, I know. I'm still amazed!

Hulda said...

Very nice things at the yard sale! I am sad you couldn't be able to write comments on my blog. Miss you!

Cindi said...

I dub you the yard sale queen!

J C said...

Hey Lisa! I just found your site. It's really kewl. All the more to me becuz I cannot sew a stitch! Wish I could. I like your chicken and can't wait until its finished so you can post the finished project. I am thinking Michael is your son?? How old is he? He likes colored pencils? I have tons of them that I dont even use. Well, not tons, but a lot. If you like, I'll send you some. Email me if you are interested. Seeya! (judiemacawhead)