Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I spent my morning doing something I had not planned. I was sitting at the computer when I heard lots of crashing and banging. At first I thought the cat had pulled something over but I couldn't imagine what she could pull over that would just keep going and going and going. I got up and went toward the noise...my bedroom. A bracket had broken and the shelf that runs the entire width of the room had fallen. It had fallen on one end and was acting as a slide for everything from the other end. lol Fortunately only two things were broken. One didn't matter. It was only a jar that I had painted. The other was a really sweet and beautiful angel that my son had given me for Christmas one year. I had it hanging from a little hook beneath the shelf. I may be able to glue her back together.

I had other important things which were very fragile (probably why they were up there) and none of them were broken. I am grateful.

What a mess, though! Now just tell me this...why did I have a plastic flower pot full of dry dirt in it? Can you answer that for me? That made the biggest mess of all!

A couple of days ago I made the comment that I needed to dust that shelf. Well, it certainly was easier to dust since it was lying on the floor. :D I cleaned it and we put it back up after Tim fixed the brackets (he reinforced both of them while he was at it) and I cleaned each thing before putting it back up. It looks much better now. Things look a bit more arranged now and less just thrown on the shelf. (Probably because that is the case lol).

I've enjoyed your comments on inspiration. It's fun to hear how others draw inspiration...and interesting how that in itself can be inspirational.

Cindi, from Cindi's Sewing, in your thoughts. I spoke to her son earlier and I think she is in surgery as I'm typing this. She was pretty nervous about the surgery so I'm sure she could use your good thoughts, wishes and prayers.

I was just informed that I'll be picking Caleb up from work in a bit so I'd better get ready. I'm still in my scrubs (tim's old scrubs I wear as pjs lol). Horrible I know! Unusual, too...seemed like everytime I wanted to take a shower someone else wanted in and then the shelf....then the dishwasher...then waiting for hot water...then.....then...ok...I'd better get in the shower now. See ya.


Shereen said...

I'm sorry to hear about the little angel that broke. ;0( You know, things like that always happen to me, EXCEPT, I for some reason always water the pot of dry dirt. And then what falls is a big clump of mud. lol ;0) By the way, I love the name Caleb. We wanted to name one of our son's that, but it sounded too close to Kayla, and we figured everyone would go crazy. ;0) Have a great day!!

Amy said...

Oh no! What a mess!

Happymama said...

Lisa, that was so funny about the flower pot of dirt. I'm sorry, but I can NOT tell you why you would do that. But I can say that it sounds like something I would do. LOL


Mrs Blythe said...

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be ironing (and cleaning the kitchen so don't tell hubby) but I just 'accidentally' sat down at the computer and read your post. Oh dear Lisa, sorry but I did laugh - but I'm sorry for the little angel that broke. And then I had to laugh at you in your hubby's scrubs, lololol, oh dearie me. I don't do attractive pyjamas either, big comfy ones are much more sleep inducing than silky smalls.

Cindi will be in my prayers, poor thing. See ya in a week or so.

Hulda said...

hi.. it was kind of fun to read about your accident, I am sorry! But you have written it in such a funny way. ;) Sorry to hear about that angel that broke, I hope you can fix it with some glue.

Susan P. said...

So sorry about the big mess, but if you look on the positive side you said you had been thinking about fixing it up so that just speeded up the process!! I have never heard of dirt in art.flowers but I have accidentally knocked over art. flowers in someone's home and water went everywhere!LOL

Lisa said...

lol Shereen...watering the pot of dirt. I feel better now. Oh yeah, Caleb and Kayla are a bit close, aren't they?

Amy No kidding! But it looks really nice now. Dare I say I'm almost glad it happened?

Kristi, LOL There is some comfort in that.

Sarah, hehe my lips are sealed. Why is it that pretty pjs are so uncomfortable? Lace is scratchy and silk....ick on my poor, rough feet.

Hulda, it's ok that you laughed. lol I'm glad. :) It's easier for me to laugh now that things are all cleaned up. I think I'll be able to glue the angel back together.

Susan, lol Yes. It definitely speeded up the process. hmmm art.flowers. That makes it sound like way more than a plastic pot of dry dirt. hehe

Mrs.B. said...

Oh my! I bet that was messy to clean up!

Lisa said...

Mrs. B. Well, thank goodness for my new sweeper. It definitely could have been worse. :) One more reason to tell Tim once more how much I love my vacuum cleaner. lol

Hulda said...

Where are you girl? :) Miss you!

Cindi said...

Lisa, I am on drugs still and couldn't find your e-mail address in my book. I know I have it! I wanted to let you know I am home now. Thank you so much for your cheerful visit and your prayers.

Sorry about your shelf and angel.

Lisa said...

Hi Hulda, I thought that I would post by now but I am copy editing some articles for a magazine and it's taking a lot of time. The articles all came at once and I am trying to get them turned in as soon as possible so the magazine can go to print. Emily made a purse and we will photograph it tomorrow and put it up for you to see. :) I did look at your blog this morning but everytime I tried to comment on either blogger or typepad, my whole computer would freeze. Ok, there's all my excuses. lol I miss you too and hopefully will be back in the swing of blogging here pretty soon.

Cindi, I'm so glad you're home. I wondered all day yesterday if you'd made it home yet but I hated to call. I figured you'd be online when you got settled.

Emily and I both enjoyed our visit so much. She kept saying how nice you are. We enjoyed Miss Kitty's Sunday School teacher too. :)

Meow said...

Bugger, what a mess. Hope you are able to fix the little angel. It's nice to have an excuse to clean up though LOL.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow