Monday, August 07, 2006

You know you're blogging too much when.....

You want to click on magazine pictures to get a closer look.

I just did this, sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee and a Country Living.

It's a rainy day here. Noone could accuse me of being productive. I took my car to get it's state inspection. A $15 dollar light bulb later and I am legal...well, the car is.

I walked through the field to gather some blackberries. I had a few when mowing the other day but they're still red...probably a day away from ripe. I hope I get them before the critters do but I'm not holding my breath.

I've looked at lots of different art blogs this morning. I'm itching to do something but not sure what. Do you ever just click away looking for inspiration? I need to get excited about something. I went through my bag of fabric, stared at my beads....then came back to the computer.


Where do you go for inspiration? What are your secrets for getting the creative juices flowing?


Anonymous said...

Lol lol lol! That is just too funny, wanting to click on magazine pictures...oh dearie me!

The blogs I love for artistic colours, etc, I listed a bit back and I think you'd been to most before. Maybe you need to click down the link-lists on some arty or creative blogs and see who visits them for more ideas.

Hope you find your inspiration. :o)

Anonymous said...

These two blogs are cute, but I have a feeling they are not what you are looking for...but enjoyable all the same:

RANDI said...

I spend WAY too much time on craft blogs. Here are a couple:

Just be sure to drag yourself away from the computer after a while so you can actually make something!

BTW--the shoes you paint are SO cute! My 15 year old daughter commented that she liked them too. She is painting a pair of her Converse shoes today. Don't know what she will come up with but I am sure they will be cute!

Hulda said...

lol lol, he he he... I really had to laugh when I read that you wanted to click on magazine pictures. Fun!!! I have did something like that too. ;o)

For inspiration I looked at interior magazines and blogs. It is always something that can be inspiering. F.ex the season summer, and autumn.

Hope you find some new inspiration. But some days I just couldn't find some. It is the way it is for everyone, I suppose.

Susan P. said...

Okay, ROFL! I haven't clicked on magazine pics yet but I'm not too far behind. I think we need to establish a Bloggers Annonymous!!
My inspiration comes from HGTV (love it) magazines,other blogs, friends. Sometimes when I can't sleep I get so many ideas rolling around in my head I have to get up and write them down so my feeble brain won't forget them in the morning. LOL

Amy said...

Oh, my beloved craft blogs! I have too many ideas now and not enough time to do them all. I'm forcing myself to finish what I've already started instead of starting something new. I've been clicking through the links on the Turkey Feathers side bar lately and have found some really great blogs the last couple of days.

Lisa said...

Sarah, thanks! I do like those blogs a lot! I didn't realize cherry tomato was back. I gave up checking so I'll have to go back and look at it again. I think I have looked on every link on every blog...maybe I'm over-inspired. LOL
Maybe it's skill I need.

Randi, I know what ya mean! I love those blogs also and there certainly is the danger of always looking at "just one more blog." lol Thank you and your daughter for the nice comments about the shoes. I really enjoy painting them. I'd love to see a pic of her Converse shoes when she's done!

Hulda, glad I could make you laugh. :) I think you're's just one of those days. I'm always a little relieved when I hear of other people having had those kind of days.

Susan. lol Bloggers Anonymous! That's what we need. lol I just told Tim that I need to start writing down my ideas because I get inspired and excited and then...well...forget. lol Maybe I'll do it now that you've said that, although I don't think I often have lots swimming through my head. I think that's awesome. (and your home shows it, I might add!)

Amy..I love Turkey Feathers and all the ones linked to it or from it. Her little girl makes the most amazing little pastries. Just amazing (Amazing Grace!).

Looks like we sort of all do the same things for inspiration.

I like every single blog mentioned all of yours. Maybe I just need to turn. off. the. internet.

Or not. hehe

Thanks y'all. I appreciate your answers very much!

Happymama said...

I just like looking through home decor magazines like Home Interior or Southern Living. Anything in there can be copied or motified for way cheapter than what it's sold for. Plus, I have a wood working hubby and he comes in handy too. LOL


Kali said...

heh heh at clicking on the mag picture!

I don't worry when I don't have the creative juices flowing because they soon start up again, and it's when they happen naturally that I prefer my end results of what I make.

I hope you have a delightful day! (:

plainandsimple said...

Lol! Never mind Lisa, I think many of us are over blogged! To be honest I tend to look outside the blogosphere for inspiration. I love my thrift shops - there always seems to be a good idea in there that needs re-working and tweeking. I get most of my knitting patterns from my local Oxfam. For highrow stuff - you can't beat Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - choc full of pre-Raphelites, but it may be a little far away for you...however if you want to try it you've got a bed for the night here!lol!

plainandsimple said...

Hi Lisa

If you email me with your address I will send you some Love in a Mist:

Vintage Wine said...

I`m also having one (well, it`s been more than one now) of those days... I feel no inspiration at all, which is annoying but I guess it will change.
Hope you find your inspiration somewhere & please tell me where if you do ;-)

annecourager said...

For inspiration, I go to Michaels craft store, look at all the samples and think, heeeeey.... I could DO that!!

I'm not original in any way, but I can copy well :)

I also get inspired while I listen to music. Worship music, Bach, Debussy, Brahms.... just depends. Then I sit down and write, or compose music.

Another way I get inspired is to sit and really meditate on a scripture passage... then freewrite about it, as I meditate.
Re: your clicking on magazine pics... I have felt that way too!! I also think "LOL" sometimes, or "ROFL" - too sad, too many hours spent in front of this computer getting a flat bum!

Lisa said...

Kristi, having a handy husband certainly does help. ;) I love the show where they copy a designer room on the cheap. Sensible Chic? I think that's the one.

Kali, You know...I've been giving this comment some thought. It's so true. Often when I've been most inspired, I wasn't looking for it. It just happened...or I just started playing and let things develop. I need to remember that it's the process that matters!

Plainandsimple, well now I may have to take you up on that bed some time. ;)

Elisabeth, I'm sorry you're going through it too. I'm starting to come out of it a little bit, thanks to all my blogging buddies.

AnneCourager (welcome!) Those are great ways to get inspired. When it comes to writing, scripture reading is very helpful to me as well, particularly for devotional type writing. I like that Michael's idea also. I'll probably be hitting A.C.Moore tomorrow come to think of it. I think I've thought LOL before (as Mrs. Blythe mentioned doing the other day) and I'm pretty sure in my Christian chatroom days, I used to say BRB sometimes (be right back) when I left a room here at home. LOL

Roberta said...

ROFL about the clicking on the Magazine picture!!! Do you ever think "LOL" in a conversation? or imagine an "emoticon" inserted between sentences? LOL