Friday, August 04, 2006

Painted baby shoes

Painted baby shoes
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Here are some shoes I painted a while ago. I sewed some fabric onto the tongue of the shoes. I don't think I'll be selling these because the inside of the shoe are fabric and look dirty, which I didn't notice so much until last night. Usually the inside of the shoes are not cloth and are washable and can even have a little alcohol rubbed over them.

Baby shoes
These shoes were painted last night. I finished spraying acrylic sealant on them this morning. I really like saddle oxfords, especially these little ones so they were really fun to paint. These will go in my shop.

Painted outlet covers
I found a bunch of outlet covers that were still in their packages. They were left here by the former owner, so I've had them lying around for..hmmm...a year thinking I would paint them. Last night I finally did.

Hope everyone had a good day. I worked on my bedroom today. It grew up. My dressing table looks like a dressing table now and I brought a table in from another room to be my nightstand. I hung the big lily painting over it. I'm pretty pleased, although still looking for homes for a couple of leftover craft things that had been on my dressing table.

Other than that, I didn't do a whole lot today. I cleaned the bathroom. I got a new Country Living, so I cleaned in order to enjoy sitting down with it. lol

I had a nice long talk with Emily today. That was nice. We hadn't done that for a while.

I got a very sad call today. A girl that I had a Bible Study class with had a baby and it didn't survive. The church called saying she had requested that I sing for the memorial service next week. The song she chose is so beautiful and lullabye-ish. I hope I can get through it without crying. It's very hard to sing when you're crying!

I hope everyone is doing ok. Talk to ya later. :)


Roberta said...

My heart goes out to the Mother...I remember picking the song for our infant sons funeral, not easy...also lullaby-like. I will pray for her.

Lisa said...

Thanks Roberta. I know she would appreciate that very much.

Happymama said...

Lisa, I love the light switch covers. I might try that with mine. Great idea! We used left over wall paper border for the one in our bedroom and it looks nice, but I think I'll try and paint my daughter's this week. She has a butterfly theme and that would be so cute.


Lisa said...

Oh neat, Kristi! I hope you'll take a picture.

Anonymous said...

Ahh light switches, I wondered what 'outlets' were.

And lol I had to laugh that you cleaned the bathroom to read your magazine - do you hide in there?

And how sad for the lady who has lost her baby! It makes me so sad when I hear of it.

I cannot sing when I cry, and I cry alot at songs that move me, so in church it's just a blab-fest. Our Pastor wants me to go back in the music group singing, but I don't want my blubbing amplified and coming through the speakers! It's bad enough when I have to do a reading.

Lisa said...

Sarah, hmmm wonder what they're called in England..these aren't light switch covers. They're covers for the place where you plug in appliances and things. Plug covers, maybe? lol

I would much rather sing in public than speak.

lol about the bathroom. No, I don't read in there, but I could not have enjoyed my magazine because I would have felt I should be cleaning...and the bathroom was one of those rooms that I had made a mental note to clean well yesterday. lol

plainandsimple said...

I think the *outlet covers* are very pretty but I have no idea what we call them in England...Socket covers, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Yes plainandsimple I reckon socket covers, or plug socket covers, hmmmm.

Lisa said...

Funny the words we take for granted. :)

Amy said...

The shoes are very sweet, and I love the idea of painting outlet covers. Very cute! I'm very sorry to hear about the lady at church who lost her baby :(

Kjersti said...

Hi. Very nice shoes! It looks like a funny ting to do. How do you manage to make the paint stay on the shoes? Hope you understand what I mean.

Hulda said...

It was really bad that the baby didnt survive. I'm sure you will sing lovely in church. But, ofcourse it is difficult in that situation. And again, the shoes looks great!

Lisa said...

Thanks Amy, Hulda and Kjersti.

Kjersti, sometimes I sand the shoes a little bit with fine sandpaper, just to make the paint stick a little better. Other times I just wash them really well, depending on how the surface looks. The paint really does stick amazingly well. I know because I tried to take some off after it dried. lol

Cindi said...

Oh Lisa, I am so sorry for your friend. I know you God will strengthen you to bless her.

Lisa said...

Thanks Cindi.

Shereen said...

You make me laugh. You are on a painting frenzy lately. Everything is coming out great. I never thought about painting those. They look so pretty. I will keep both you and your friend in prayer. I can't imagine what that must feel like. My heart feels so heavy just thinking about it.

Lisa said...

Thanks Shereen. It was a really sweet and sad service. They were trying so hard not to cry but lost the battle about half way through when the pastor assured them that their little boy was with the Father and is whole. I think we all lost it at that point. They had a lot of love and support from friends outside and inside of the church. I know they'll be sad for a long time but I know they're going to be ok.

I appreciate so much everyone's prayers for her.