Saturday, August 05, 2006


Look what was waiting for me in the mailbox today! This sweet card from my sweet friend, Sarah! It made my day. I mowed, weeded and watered this morning. Then I checked the mail. Just as I took my shoes off, I saw the truck. lol So, I went back out and it was so worth 2 trips! It was such a nice surprise. She made the card and it has these two nice bookmarks attached. It made me so happy! Thank you Sarah, so very much.
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Anonymous said...

So glad it got to you and that you liked it! *happy,happy* Blessings :o)
Off to bed now, nighty night.

Hulda said...

Friends are like roses in a garden... The card looks lovely, and great with bookmarks too! Such happy surprise for you!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely comment Hulda...Friends are like roses in a garden - I'm going to remember that!

Lisa said...

That is a lovely comment...and so true. I have a nice garden. :)

Deb said...

Mail is so much fun. A lovely gift from a lovely person!