Sunday, August 20, 2006

Healing properties of glitter.

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This is not my usual thing but has really fed my soul this weekend.

Little tags that I painted, glued, glittered. They have fabric, ric rac, beads and lace. I can't explain why it brings me peace, but I'm grateful.


Amy said...

These are sweet. I find those small projects to be the most fun and relaxing sometimes.

Anonymous said...

How pretty. It's good to get absorbed in something fun.

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Glad to see you've got your creative mojo back. lol.

Lisa said...

Amy, I find the same thing. It's nice to do something "just because" with no pressure to make it any certain way.

Sarah, it sure is.

lol plainandsimple, thanks.

Kristi said...

Cute tags, Lisa. What will you use them for. I don't know if you said, because for some reason, my computer is only showing half your post. I guess it'll fix later. But anyway......


Roberta said...

Fun, I find those little projects bring out the little carefree girl in me. Sitting down and coloring with my girls does the same thing.
Glad it was a sweet and simple time for you. :)

homespun living said...

What a fun project, and they came out great. I especially love that striped one ~ so cute!

Lisa said...

Kristi, thanks. I don't know what I'll use them for. lol I just happened to have them, so I played with them. I was thinking I might attach them when people buy things from my shop. I have a frog stamp that Tim modified for me that I could add to it. I don't think it's your computer making my post look a little's doing that to me too. It must be in a wonky place in the html.

Roberta, I may now just have to go out and get a coloring book. I loved coloring! Think my teen boys might want to join me? lol

Thanks Deb! I like that one too. It's a piece of scrapping paper that I cut out like a tag. Then I used my flower hole punch to make the hole and used silver ric rac (from the church yard sale) for the string.