Sunday, August 20, 2006


Summer finale bookmark
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Finally, I felt a bit creative last night. Almost everyone was out of the house and I was able to play some chick music and shed some of my icky feeling.

I made this bookmark, complete with beach blanket, beach ball, flipflop and a little craft book (not actually readable). There are some plastic bird charms, too. I thought it would look cool with this magazine picture of a deck, but it gets a little lost, doesn't it? Ah well.

I did some yard saling yesterday. I hadn't planned to but I was just puttering along when suddenly I was in the truck and it was taking me from yard to yard.

I haven't taken pictures yet, but I got a set of dishes. They're Andre somethingorother, vintage gold stoneware with brown flowers. Now, if you had told me a year ago that I would actually pay money for these, I would have laughed right in your face. Now I have 22 pieces. She was selling it for 10 but since it was toward the late side for yard sales, she gave them to me for 5 bucks. I love them. I cannot figure me out sometimes.

I stopped at a sweet little shop called "Sherri's" not too far from me and bought some little bird plates on hangers. They have this neato black iron thingy around them. I'll get a picture eventually.

I picked up 4 small really old lamps for $1 each. They all work, though one may have a short so Tim is going to look at it for me. I love them. I may dress up a couple of the shades with fabric later. I have them sitting all over the place. Last night I had only lamps on with my music playing and my craft desk all open........a good time. yep.

Let's see...oh yeah, I also got a small ironing board. I've been wanting one for those times you just have a little tiny thing to iron. I'm so glad I found it and it is in great condition; like new.

I think that was it.

I made some tags and things and worked on my altered book...glitter and glue is always good for a pick-me-up. I'm still having fun getting my stuff together. I took all my beading stuff out of the basket last night and put it in the desk drawer. That was really great. No more bending over to grab my pliers or whatever plus I now have an empty basket that can be used for something else. hmmm...maybe a picnic!

I hope everyone is having or has had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been my favorite kind...fairly quiet and uneventful with time to play and cut and glue.


Miss Robyn said...

Hi Lisa - thanks so much for visiting my newest blog - sorry you 'lost' me. xo

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, sounds like you got some neat "finds" at the yard sales, we call them garage sales here in New Zealand. Good to hear you're feeling better too :)

Hulda said...

It really sounds like you have done a lot of finds this weekend! I hope you will show us some photos of it later. And your bookmarks is nice! I am glad you haven't forgot the email! ;o)

Emma said...

Sounds like a well spent weekend! (((hugs))) Emma.

Anonymous said...

Yey great finds Lisa. I like the bookmarks. It's funny what you said about the dishes, but my tastes have really changed too, I don't know whether it's because fashions have changed and I've been influenced by that (although I don't really buy magazines and such like - blogs are my magazines ;o) or if it's just because I'm getting older.

Glad to hear you are feeling more yourself. Sorry you couldn't comment on my blog - I just had an email from Rhonda who also said she tried to comment and couldn't. Hope it's not my blog being naughty! :o(

Have a great day! :o)

Lisa said...

Miss*r Well, I've found you now, so all's good. :)

Katrina, yes, not bad for just around my own neighborhood. We call them garage sales here sometimes, too. In fact, the lamps came from a "moving" sale and I got them out a musty garage. lol

Hulda, I'll try to get some photos. I was too anxious to start using everything. lol