Friday, May 12, 2006

SAL Update

I should be able to finish it this weekend. I don't know if I'm cut out for linen. It feels really good in your hand and it's fun, but apparently I am not a detail person because I keep catching myself just eyeballing things. I then have to frog a bunch. I've probably ripped out as many stitches today as I've put in. I did the last row of hearts three times! I still like it anyway. Weird, huh? Oh, and I added the black sheep. I couldn't help myself.


Anonymous said...

That is really cute Lisa. What does frog a bunch mean? :o)

Lisa do you know what one is supposed to do with daffodil bulbs and tulip bulbs once they have flowered. Do I store them somewhere? They have finished flowering in my baskets outside and I want to put different flowers in, but I don't know what to do with the bulbs.

Cindi said...

Love the black sheep! It looks great to me.

Lisa said...

Hi Mrs. Blythe! Frog means to take stitches out. It comes from "rip it, rip it" and is why my blog name is groggy froggy because I usually stitch at night when I'm too tired and end up tearing a bunch out. I just looked up the flower question myself last week for the same reason. Everything I read said to leave them alone until the green turns brown because the bulbs get their new oomph from what they gather through the green, so if you haven't pulled them yet, don't. If you have, I think I would just store them in the vegetable bin of the refrigerator until fall. I am definitely no expert, though.

Cindi! hey, thanks. I'm almost finished with it. I'm taking a little break because my shoulders are complaining.

It's neat the Captain Cool wants to be a pilot, too. We're sort of holding out breath to see what they do with the magnet program here. I think Nick is safe and will get to finish it. (I so wish I had homeschooled!)

Lisa said...

(fix all those typos in your head, ok?) lol

Susan said...

I **love** the black sheepie! LOL I'm still scared to try linen, plus I have quite a few things I need to finish before I start learning something new.

Lisa said...

Thanks. lol I just could not resist.

I know what you mean. The linen scared me too and with good reason. I don't know how some of these folks stitch so evenly and beautifully on it. I am way more impressed by that than I was before I tried it. (and I was already very impressed).

I put a batch of cookies in the oven to get me through it. lol

Katrina said...

Lisa, your needleroll looks so pretty, love all the sheepies! Going really well on mine so far, the weather we've been having over the past few days, cold and wet, is very condusive for stitching, lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa. I am determined to do my gardening properly this year and not accidentally kill 1/2 my plants and have to buy them all over again at the garden centre the next year! lol :o)

Isabelle said...

Oh, that is so cute! Adorable :) I'm sure you'll get used to linen after a while :)

Thank you so much for your ever kind comments on my blog... They make me smile every time (or blush sometimes... when you're just too generous in your praise!)
As for your question yesterday, regarding pregnancy clothes.... Well, I SO wish they were for me! But they're for my older sister, who is pregnant with her first child. This will be the first child among us (we're 4 siblings, and very close to one another) :) What a joy, isn't it?
We can't have children right now... We can't afford more than a 2-room flat in Paris, and we couldn't have a baby in so small a place. We need to wait till I'm done with my PhD and earn more money! (and hopefully we can leave Paris then... I'm not cut out for Paris! I need to have nature around me...).
(I'm not mentioning my sister's baby on my blog because a dear friend of mine who reads my blog just lost a baby... I don't want her to get even more hurt...)

Hope your day is happy and filled with blessings!

deb said...

Hi Lisa, I was going to ask what frogging meant. So I was glad that mrs blythe did so I wouldn't have to ask. :) Now I get it! Cute! Thanks for explaining.

I LOVE the little black sheep, too. Adds character! (I think...)

Mrs.B. said...

Blogger is being naughty again, good thing I copied my comment or I would have lost it all! Ok, here goes again:

Oooooh.....I was wondering what 'frog a bunch' means too. "Rip it rip it" How cute! You have to translate for us 'non-sewers' who read your blog. I just looked at the word 'non-sewer' and I hope you know I meant people who don't sew and not the 'sewer' where all the waste goes! LOL (o; No wonder people from other countries say english is so difficult to learn!


Lisa said...

Katrina, thank you. I'm counting on a little dreary weather this evening myself. :)

Mrs. Blythe. lol I hear ya. I try to buy perennials mostly so that I am ahead of the game every year. I usually break down and buy pansies and impatiens too though.

Isabelle Ahh that explains it. Well, congratulations on soon becoming an aunt. I love my nieces so much. You are very kind and thoughtful concerning your friend who just lost a baby. I lost one in between the boys and it is a difficult time. You are a sweet friend.

Deb, thanks! I love going to your site..ya just never know who might be posting. lol Glad you and others like my little black sheepies.

Mrs. B. hahah as usual, you made me smile. :) I knew what ya meant by "sewer" hehehehe Blogger is really being naughty lately, isn't it? I'm tempted to back up my blog with Xanga or something. I'm so afraid of one day logging on and finding it has all vanished.