Thursday, May 11, 2006

Running Hither and Yon

I love candles. I have a gingerbread candle burning right now, so I thought this image was if we are talking and enjoying the candle together. :)

I did a lot of running around today. I can't say I love running errands, but they must be done. I pay most of the bills in town in person with cash, if I can. I like knowing it's done, finished, over with. Plus, the cell phone place is right beside the neat Discovery Shop I like so much. Today I bought 3 books for a total of 4 dollars. :) One was a neat little book that made me think of Mrs. Wilt. It's a great little book which is full of recipes for appetizers that can be made ahead and frozen. If unexpected company comes, you just pull them out of the freezer, place them on a cookie sheet and bake. I thought I might make some just to have around. I rarely get company but it only takes one unexpected guest to make you wish you had something prepared. I think it's called "Your Secret Servant."

Before I left for the morning, I made out my menu, then the grocery list for the next week (Thursday to Thursday) and cleaned out the refrigerator. There wasn't too much to clean out as I've been trying to keep up with it. I did find out that the little sheet of glass in the bottom shelf, which the salad bins slide into, is removable. What a relief. Something had dripped into the little crease and I couldn't get to it. It had really been bugging me. So I got that cleaned and put back in and cleaned under the bins. It was so nice to have a clean open space to put the groceries when I got home. I will still have to go back to the store. Cheese wasn't on sale and I just couldn't bring myself to pay full price. I did get chicken on sale at 79 cents a lb and bought quite a lot of it. Hubby was so sweet. He came in the kitchen and asked if I was going to the store. He was going to go for me because he knows how much I just despise going. lol But I told him the list was just too long (plus, I know he doesn't buy things like chopped walnuts, for instance, because he thinks they're too much...but he enjoys them in the cookies and overall the nuts are cheaper than buying store bought cookies, right? it's too tiring to explain it though. LOL) and I had all those other errands to run. I think he was relieved. He asked me to take the cell phone with me in case they called to say his new eyeglasses were ready but I forgot it. So, on the way home I stopped just to see if they were there by chance and they were, so I surprised him with them when I got home. He can finally read comfortably!!! Yay. He helped me unload the groceries and put them away, I checked my email and MIH group and headed back out to pick up the boys from school. Caleb started his new job today at 4 (working at Taco Bell) so as soon as I got home, I made some coffee (he said he would fall asleep in the deep fry without it lol) and then Tim took him to work. Whew. Now I've made dinner, we've eaten and I'm about to go wash up the dishes. I think I may just read after that and crash.

Good night all. Take good care of yourselves. Get some rest.


Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, I love candles too, but can't say that I've ever smelt a gingerbread one, must smell divine :)thanks for sharing pics of your sons too, you must be very proud of them.

Lisa said...

Hi Katrina! It does smell yummy. I am pretty proud of those boys of mine. :)

Mrs.B. said...

Hi Lisa: I LOVE candles too! I especially love the new candle warmers for candles in glass fire and the candle lasts much longer. (o:

Mrs Blythe said...

You sounded a busy-bee. I am exhausted today, I think it's a delayed reaction to my really busy day on Weds.

I too love candles and yum gingerbread :o) great combination.

Mrs Blythe said...
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deb said...

Hi Lisa, I read this post last night, but I was so exhausted from my luncheon that I couldn't think! So I came back today to leave a comment. :)

Wow! What a day you had! I LOVE candles, too, and I bet your house was smelling warm and cozy! (I think you sound like such a neat enthusiastic homemaker!! :)

Lisa said...

Your luncheon was SO beautiful. I bet you had a good time, although I imagine it was exhausting.

Thanks for your kind words. Some days I am more enthusiastic than others. I guess that's true of most of us. Today I am a lazy daisy and enjoying every minute of it.