Saturday, May 13, 2006

He's So Sneaky

Off and on for the past week or so, hubby and I have commented on men buying women mother's day presents. I keep telling him, I'm not his mother and there is no need. I'm not even the mother of his children so he certainly has no need to buy a Mother's Day present for me. His mother even asked him what he was getting me and his reply was "she's not MY mother."

So, imagine my surprise today when he came in and asked "would you rather have your Mother's Day present today or tomorrow?" I said "I thought we had this!" hehe

Isn't it beautiful? It's a box containing stationery. I absolutely love it. I dawdled in bed this morning reading The Preacher's Daughter and this beautiful box with its lovely papers seemed to fit right into the scenario I had created in my head for her.

I hugged him and told him that I didn't expect anything. He said that that is why he got me something and that I am a good mother so he wanted me to have something. (blissful sigh)

When he left this morning (to run errands, sneaky man) I was mowing. I was trying to beat the rain that is surely coming, but I managed to break the lawn mower not even half way through. lol I had finished mowing close to the house and was out in the field. I was mowing a bank when the blade seemed to have something caught in it. I turned it off and turned it over but there was nothing, so I went to pull the string to start it...and the string broke right off in my hand. I'm happy I at least got the mowing around the house finished. The rest will wait until early next week.

I don't know if you can see this clearly. It is difficult to get a picture of something black and transparent. It's a teeny tiny french press. He bought this for me today, also, just for fun. He knows how much I adore our regular sized french press, occassionally preferring it over the automatic coffee maker. This one looks so cute sitting beside it.

And here is a picture of Reagan "just because." Moments before she had her paw on the leaf that I was trying to photograph. hehe That's my beautiful, ornery Reagan. She wakes us in the morning by knocking things off the side tables. First she tries to be direct. She stands at the bed and paws my face. When that doesn't work, she runs across the bed quickly and back down a few times. Finally, she resorts to pulling things off the tables. It is especially helpful if I have a doily as she can pull it ever so slowly until everything on it crashes to the floor. What can I say? It works. We nearly always get up after that.

Well, I am going to tidy up a little since I haven't done a productive thing in the house today. Soon, I'll have to fix a meal for Tim and get him up for work, then I'll have to take Caleb to work...come home and take Tim to work...then I'll have the evening to stitch, trying to stay awake until I pick Caleb up at midnight. I'm sure I'll be off and on blogland in the interim. :)

Thanks for all the sweet comments. It was such a nice welcome when I signed on today.

Hopefully the next pic I post will be my completed Needleroll sampler. Only two rows to go, then I have to figure out how to make the needleroll. I printed out some instructions.

See y'all later. :)

After looking at the pics, I came back to say..I tried to post them a different way and they're too large. I'll fix it later. The bag you see next to the stationery box is a bag of oatmeal cookies. I baked them last night and I will refrain from telling you how many I've eaten. I also have a stack of books and my cross stitch there. When Tim goes to bed, I grab everything I might need from the bedroom so I won't wake him if I need it. lol I had laid it all on the dining room table while I was taking the picture. Alright...see y'all later...again.


Susan said...

How sweet that your hubby bought you a Mother's Day gift! I love the cat. I'd have one if (a) my husband didn't hate them, and (b) my mother and MIL weren't allergic to them. We live far away, but the minute I got a cat, they'd call and say they were coming for a visit. It happened once! LOL

Mrs.B. said...

Love Love Love the kitty!!!!!

How sweet and what lovely gifts! I adore stationary and what a beautfiul box to store it in!

I know reading all that you do makes me tired so I know you must be a huge blessing to your family!


Lisa said...

Susan, that made me laugh out loud! I'm actually allergic to cats, but she doesn't bother me too much as long as I remember not to touch my eyes after I've petted her. Not much of a problem...she hates to be petted. lol

Mrs. B., She is a sweetie and I do like my gifts very much. You're very kind.

Mrs Blythe said...

Ah the Puddy-tats. Shame you are allergic. What lovely gifts you got, and well deserved too I'm sure!
YOu know I think you were on Mrs B's web site at the same time as i was. Saw your comment and thought Ahh there's Lisa, I was pleased like seeing a good friend.Oh and there you are popping up a comment on my site. Hee-hee :o) Shall go and read it.

Lisa said...

hehe yes, we were commenting at the same time on Mrs. B's, then I went to yours and then came to mine awaiting your comment. LOL We are a couple of predictable gals, aren't we?

Isabelle said...

Oh, what wonderful gifts! Love both the box and the French press (though we Frenchies call it a "cafetière italienne", LOL!). Just the kind of gifts I would have loved as well, and so are the herbs and greenhouse your sons gave you. Sounds like we have very, very similar tastes, Lisa... :)

And of course, your Reagan is absolutely gorgeous and so cute!! With her soft, mischievous eyes... Adorable. I love her! :) What an enjoyable post and how much in common we have!

Lisa said...

I've suspected that we have similar tastes. :)

Your information about the "French" press cracked me up. I think I may start referring to it as an Italian press. lol

Isabelle said...

Oh Lisa, I went back to your blog as you had written another entry and this time my Sébastien was just behind me... So I showed him Reagan and he agreed that she was a beautiful and adorable cat!
Your blog is so enjoyable dear Lisa :)

Have a truly blessed day!
We're off to see a British movie, this happens ever so seldom - I'm excited! :)

Lisa said...

Enjoy the movie! Thank you so much for your kind words. Hi Sebastien. :)