Saturday, May 20, 2006


I think this will be one of my projects today. This is a shelf I bought a few weeks ago. There is also a little stool that I got at JoAnne's for $3. I took a picture but it's too blurry to tell anything. You can see a little of it in the pic of the shelf. I think I'll paint them today and try to find a place for them. Tim isn't working today. He took a little trip so I don't have to worry about having supper by 4:30pm or getting him up or anything. A real Saturday! Michael had buddies over last night to camp out in our woods. One of the kids fell and twisted his knee badly and had to go home. He was walking on it; just twisted it. The other two stayed out in the tent all night. I was surprised! I'm even more surprised that I slept all night. It wasn't until 5am that I woke and looked out to make sure they hadn't started any fires (they were given strict orders NOT to but I know boys). So, all is well and my day should be fairly leisurely. Tim was so funny. He is never gone from the house (other than weekends late) for more than an hour or so at a time. He kept worrying that I'd need something and this and that. I finally told him that many men are gone all day every day. LOL I assured him that I would be just fine for the day. hahahahhaha He's a sweetie.


Hulda said...

Hi, your shelf looks great! I look forward too see it painted. Which color do you use?

Lisa said...

Thanks Hulda! You've probably seen the painted version by now. I used a color called "toile." It's a cream color.