Friday, May 19, 2006

Day 4

I wanted to show off my new "claw" toy that hubby surprised me with yesterday morning. Unfortunately, when we got a chance to take a pic, I was in the middle of making supper. lol I don't normally do gardening work in an apron. :)

That is also our new weedeater behind me. Our old one broke and we went through the entire summer last year without one. I couldn't stand it again this year. There are just some places I can't get a mower to go. So, he bought one yesterday. I'm so pleased. He's put it to good use already! He's been working like crazy with it.

It's funny. I think I'm fairly feminine and we're doing this dressing modestly and more feminine blogging thing, yet with all but one picture so far, all I think when I look at it is "I look so masculine." LOL Now I didn't say that so y'all would say I look lovely, so don't. lol (I know y'all). :)

I've had this dress quite a long time..years and years. Every year I say I will never wear it again but here I am wearing again. Most of the day I wore a cardigan over it, as it was very cold here today. I had taken it off because the sleeves kept falling while I was cooking and washing dishes...then we ran outside to take the pic. LOL Oh dear. How complicated blogging is.


deb said...

Lisa, let us know how you like the clawer. My mom wanted to get us one, and I'm not sure what happened. But we never ended up with it. Looks like it will stir up the dirt as long as you put out some energy too! LOL

I like my outside to look nice, too. I almost think that if I put as much energy into cleaning my house as I do in making sure the grass is cut, weed-eaten, and flowers doing well outside, then my house would be a flylady dream home! :)

Lisa said...

lol Deb on the flylady dream home. I have worked on it little by little. We don't have a shed and there are a number of things that hubby won't part with. I keep moving them and planting flowers. Soon the stack will be higher than the house. :) It was a wreck when we moved in. I'm trying really hard to restore it. I imagine at one time it was a dream. The house was built in 1910. The more I get rid of weeds, the more I find flowers that I know were lovingly planted by someone in little corners of the yard. I always wonder how long ago.

I tried the clawer out today a bit and it seems really great. We don't have the name brand one but I can't remember what this one is called. You really don't have to expend as much energy as I expected, but that was in dirt. I haven't tried it in the grass yet. I want to plant some bulbs for next year around the cherry tree, so I may try it out soon. (to get ready..not to plant yet).

From the pictures I've seen, I'd say you do have a flylady dream home. Everything is always beautiful.

Anonymous said...

But Lisa you look lovely and not masculine at all! Sorry couldn't resist. I just love your blue house. What does the claw do? Does it just break up the earth or is it for weeding? Happy gardening! :o)

Hulda said...

Hi Lisa, I think you look great in the garden, (with your apron) :) lol.. Your bench behind you look very nice. :)

Lisa said...

hehe Sarah! The claw breaks up the earth, yes. I don't really know if one is supposed to use it for weeding but it was useful yesterday on some that didn't have deep roots. I have a friend who used hers to actually tear the grass and all, rather than shoveling. I looked..mine is called the Hound Dog/Garden Hound. :)

lol Thanks Hulda. The bench probably should be stained or something to protect it but I like the weathered look it has so I keep avoiding staining or painting it.

deb said...

Lisa, thanks for the compliment on my home. The Lord has been very gracious to us, and I love living here. But Flylady clean it's not...except when company is coming! :)

I hadn't noticed the bench behind you. I like it! It looks like something I'd love to find at a yard sale. :)

Cindi said...

So, does this tool really work well? Are you using it to weed?