Thursday, May 18, 2006

Minor Change, Big Improvement

I wiped out the bookcase, wiped the books down (I still need to do the bottom shelf), rearranged some things that were already there and added a couple of things. Really nothing major but it makes such a difference to me when I walk through the dining room.

And here is one of the new loves of my life: Tim bought this vacuum cleaner for me a few weeks ago. We were out looking at stove tops and he told me to pick a vacuum. :) Yay. I had been using an old upright that no longer really picked up and had no attachments. I never felt like anything was clean. Now I sweep everything within an inch of its life. hehe


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for new vacuum cleaners! I haven't managed to persuade hubby for a new vac. When it breaks he always manages to get it fixed :o(

Your shelves look very nice. My bookcases are on the stairs and are regularly raided by smallest. Hence they are never very tidy! :o(

Here's some smiley faces as I am not happy with having 2 sad faces in the same comment :o) :o) :o). Ah, the balance has been restored, lol.

Hulda said...

Yes, some changing is always good. :)It looks good!

Lisa said...

lol Sarah! Oh, I don't even have the excuse of toddlers but the bookshelves (built-in) in the family room seem to be a "hotspot" as Flylady would say. We lay things there to keep them safe from the cat. I re-organized one side but the other is now even worse. It's my next big project, I think.

Hulda, thank you. Yes, it is always good. It makes you feel like you have new things. :)