Friday, May 19, 2006

Day 3~I'm Running Behind

Here is my "week in dresses" pic from yesterday. By the time I had Michael take it, I didn't have time to get it up on the blog. I had a meeting last night at the church and I baked cookies for something else going on at church, so I cooked supper early and made the cookies early (in case I had to do them over lol). When I got back home I was just too here's day 3. You can't really tell. Michael took this while I was peeling a cucumber to go with supper. He did a good job. We just need a flash. I took a series of pictures while making the yummy cookies and I'm thinking of blogging them...but later. I'll do day 4 in dresses later today, too. Now I need to get these kids to school. :) With Caleb working until late at night now, we're having to change our routine to allow him a little extra sleep in the morning. We're all groggy froggies around here. lol's the pic. It's the same dress you've already seen a few weeks ago.


Mrs Blythe said...

Very nice too. Like the apron. :o)

Lisa said...

Thanks.:) It was a tea towel; a gift from Tim's sister and I trimmed it with a strip from some old curtains.