Sunday, May 07, 2006

Badly Needed Rain

We are getting it and I'm glad. It doesn't make for good picture taking, however. I finished my little pillow last night and it turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself. I finished my 4th dishcloth, too, and will now wash them and use them. If I like them I'll make more as gifts. I did finally break down and use the knitted one I did a while back and I love it. I will definitely have to knit more of them.

I wanted to take a picture of my little pillow and also of the yummy oatmeal cookies I made today but my house is deliciously dreary. I know. I'm weird. Sometimes a rainy day just feels cozy. The boys will surely have all the cookies eaten before the sun comes up again. :)

Church was wonderful this morning. The youth choir sang with us (the adult choir). The graduating youth requested a song called "A River in Judea." It is a beautiful song that never fails to move most of us to tears. The pastor came in to explain about the Jordan river, both physically and metaphorically (grace, reconciliation, mercy) to us before going in to worship so it was especially fresh and meaningful this morning. Let's see if I can remember some of the words...the main part goes..."there is a river in Judea that I heard of long ago. It's a singing, ringing river that my heart cries out to know." It talks about how we yearn for this river's song. Besides the words, the melody is very haunting. We also had communion which is always very moving as well. The sermon was wonderful. A very good Lord's Day morning.

I'm not sure what I'll busy myself with this evening. I straightened my room last night and changed the fabric on my little bedside table. I changed out the black cloth and put in a nice white battenburg lace piece (it's actually a shower curtain but the little slits are now it's a tablecloth). :) I put a couple of my new baskets from the yard sale on it with a bit of the yarn (all the white and cream skeins), a candle I made in a pringle's can a few years back and a little angel that a preschooler's mom gave me back when I was teaching music. It makes me smile now when I walk into the bedroom. I also cleaned off my dressing table. It is a dressing table but I spend much more time crafting than dressing, so it is full of paint, thread, beads, jewelry wire and papers for decoupage. I hung my birthday cards from my mom and aunt. They're so pretty and again, they make me smile.

God helped me through a crisis in the most mysterious and wonderful way. I am so grateful. I would never have thought to work it out the way it worked out. God is really something. :)

We had sticky chicken for supper tonight. I haven't had any yet. Tim eats early on the weekends and I am not yet hungry since I had lunch after church (and taste-tested quite a few oatmeal cookies). He said it was really good. I got the recipe from Twigs. This a very wonderful prim website. She is really generous with free patterns for stitching. (She is what I call...extreme prim) I just love looking at her site.

Ok. I've jabbered on enough. I need to go pack up Tim's "lunch" (he eats it at 3am-ish)so he'll have some yummy sticky chicken to eat tonight and maybe a cookie or two.

Have a good night. :)


Susan said...

I went and looked at the Twigs site. I like prims a bit, so I bookmarked it and I'll look through it sometime. I liked her instructions! LOL Thanks for the link.

Lisa said...

Yeah, her instructions are a hoot. lol Glad you liked it.

deb said...

Lisa, I'm glad I went over and took a look at Twigs. NOW I know what you meant by extreme prim. (All I could think of was "prim and proper.") I don't mind some primitive stuff, and I probably have some in my home, but not to an extreme. Thanks for posting the site.

Anonymous said...

Is...had to leave computer for a moment as smallest is pointing at telly saying "Gooby-doo on, Gooby-doo on", she is a big Scooby-doo fan...isn't it wonderful how God uses His creation to tell us of His grace, His beauty, His love and endless mercies. We visited the Holy Land a few years ago - wonderful. :oD I will look at twigs now. p.s. what is lol? :o. sarahx

Lisa said...

Deb, I'm the same way. I love the individual prim pieces, I love looking at other peoples' homes full of it but I only add touches here and there. I do love it. I can almost smell the cinnamon and gingerbread when I just look at prim stuff! I just can't bring myself to go full-out. I've been adding homespun here and there. It seems to be just the touch my home needed. Glad you liked her site.

Mrs. Blythe, indeed! We try so hard to understand the mysteries and He explains all we really need to know through the simplicity of nature. It is a might God we serve.

Gooby-Doo Rocks! Right, Raggy? :) Scooby was, is and ever shall be the top dog of cartoons. (insert Scooby laugh).

LOL is "laughing out loud."

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, just stopping by to say hello as I've been catching up with everyone's blogs this morning, so a big hello to you from kiwi-land!

Lisa said...

Hi Katrina! Soooo good to hear from you. Thanks for saying hello.

Cathy said...

It's storming and raining here in MN too - not complaining though, we can use the rain! Have a good week!

Lisa said...

Cathy, same here...although it rained again today, so enough's enough. lol Glad to see you.