Sunday, April 09, 2006


Here's a blurry update. It isn't going to be easy to put this down during the week. :)

I've had a very nice Sunday. My 16 yr old went to church with me this morning and afterwards we went to a little place called "The Mojo Cafe" for coffee and sweets and a nice visit. He's so funny. I probably embarrass him with my laughing but he gets me so tickled that I can't help myself.

After the coffee shop, we made a quick stop at the grocery store. DH had to be at work tonight at 7, so I had to get his dinner ready to eat by 4:30pm and I needed something that would cook I did some boneless, skinless chicken with mushroom soup, mushrooms, sour cream and ranch dressing powder all mixed together in the electric skillet (it's even better in the crockpot) and he loved it. I served it with buttery peas that were yummy. I got extra cook compliments tonight. hehe

While that was cooking, I stitched and watched tv with my boys. We watched two episodes of Top Chef.

My boys went to their dad's house tonight. DH is at work. Dishes are done. MIL is fed and has been taken to the bathroom and DSS is wanting the computer to show a guitar riff to his I am off to stitch some more before I have to put down my fun sampler.


Cathy said...

You've made great progress on your sampler! It's looking good!

StitchCat said...

Looking good :)

Katrina said...

great progress Lisa, this is going to look lovely when its done, but then all Elizabeth Designs are lovely :)