Monday, April 10, 2006

I finished stitching the Love blackwork freebie. I did it with a gray/black variegated thread. It's ok but I want to try it again with a more contrasting background. I think I'll finish it into a pillow. I'd like to try a needlebook with this design sometime (when I use enough fabric).

I got a little stitching in on my horse freebie, as well. I can't say I have any great love for this piece. I'm stitching it because we somehow became the owners of this horse sculpture that is made of bronze and it's sort of a misfit in my house, I think. I thought that if I stitched a horse, framed it and hung it somewhere near the sculpture, it might make more sense. We'll see.

I didn't touch the needleroll today. Oops..that is not true. I didn't stitch on it, though! I promise. I did hold it and look at it a number of times.

When I picked up my 16 yr old(Nick) from school today he pointed to his coat lapel which had a set of wings on it. He flew his first solo today! I am so proud of him. He studies flight in school and he's been looking forward to his solo since the first day of the program. He's worked hard and he did it! Yay! I'm very proud.

I think I'll put myself to bed now. We were watching Anthony Bourdain and both dh and I fell asleep. I woke up and came to blog. He is still sleeping. I think I'll join him. Goodnight. :)

Oh, btw..thank you for the sweet comments. You sure know how to make a newcomer feel welcome.

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