Saturday, April 08, 2006

Not much stitching

Didn't get much done this evening. Just as I was about to settle in with "sheep" my DSIL called and we talked for almost 2 hours. We hadn't talked in a long time. Some things I could have stitched while on the phone but I didn't have anything ready...I rarely talk on the phone. I couldn't learn to do algerian eyelet, count and talk at the same time. I had already put in four of the little things and taken them all back out because I just couldn't get them right. Finally, after we hung up I got one in successfully. Yay! Now just six more to go on this row. lol

I decided to hold a pink and a white thread together and it's actually turning out very nicely. Knowing how to make little X's and doing all this other stuff are very different things, huh? Heck, I miscounted and made stitches wrong when they were all X's and the fabric was 14 ct aida. I am definitely in a whole new stitching point in my life.

Tonight my son said he never really saw me as a mom that did cross-stitch (they've already teased me endlessly about knitting). I hadn't really thought about it but as I explained it to him I understood. I've always liked the "idea" of crossstitching. I've bought projects over the years since I was a kid. I have things to this day that I half-finished that were for my kids' nurseries. They're teenagers. I realized tonight that the blogs are what made the difference.

I would stitch stuff just because I wanted to stitch but about half way through, I'd realize that I didn't know what I'd do with it when I finished it because I didn't really like the piece. I made a few things for friends over the years, small things. But when I started following the blogs (which was a spinoff of finding I realized how many beautiful things are out there now. I also benefitted from the freebies because I could try out a few things to see if I liked them or could do them without spending tons of money. It's more than that, too, though. I have never looked at color the way I do now. I could stare at floss and yarn all day and not get bored just looking at it! Is it that much more beautiful than it used to be? Maybe. My tastes are changing. It seems everything is changing since I turned 40 last year. Surprisingly, most of it is for the better. (except the knees and eyes) lol It also helps to have a group of people who enjoy the same things and are so encouraging and helpful.

I feel kind of sad that my kids find it so shocking. What was I doing all those years when they were watching me? Watching tv? Chatting in Christian chat? ick. probably. Of course...blogging probably looks the same as that. LOL

Well, I'm happy to be a stitching mama now. :)

I think I will retire to my bedroom and try to get in a few more stitches. My son very politely asked if we could turn out the light because there was a glare on his movie, so that ended the stitching I had just picked up after the phone call. LOL So, if I want to stitch I suppose I'll have to take my leave of the living room. I think my dsil used up most of my awake time. I'm starting to fade.

Goodnight. Happy Birthday, Katrina. :) Hope it's a great one. Don't be creeped out. I was scanning your archives for stitching pics and ran across the date. hehe

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Dawn said...

Blogging can be very addicting! :)