Monday, November 22, 2010

The Past Couple of Weeks in Pictures.

My latest SoulCollage card. I'm looking forward to seeing what it has to say to me. I'm especially fascinated by the Mary Poppins character and its location. I had forgotten about this card and, in fact, when I first found it I thought, "oh no! one of the folks from a workshop must have left it and I picked it up by mistake," but as I looked at it, I remembered cutting around the green jewels and gluing them on. It didn't feel finished to me so I quickly added the hand and Mary. Should be an interesting reading.
Michael and Kasey watching a movie. Actually, Michael was sleeping. He's working the graveyard shift now plus Monday classes plus having Kasey over on weekends. He's pretty tired. (so am I)

Full moon through the window at 5am-ish Sunday morning. I was having my coffee before going to pick Michael up from work. 

Michael and Kasey's puppy, Delilah. She was very curious about Murdock. He was tolerant for a pretty long time but he did finally swat at her. 

Just this morning as I was leaving to get Mike from work. The full moon is peeking through the branches of that cluster of trees. I couldn't quite catch it on camera.

Since Michael drives on the way home, I could take this picture of the rising sun as we passed the high school.
I seem to be taking you back in time. I guess I loaded the photos in the wrong order. Oh well. :)
Saturday, we went to our local village Christmas parade. That's Mike and Kasey turning the corner.

A few glimpses of the parade.
Such a perfect fall day. I found this pic on someone else's facebook. That's Patrick and me...or at least the backs of our heads. 

Simple fall decorations right outside our door. 

Gorgeous Autumn sky.

The last few leaves; now gone.

This is a short week with Thanksgiving coming.

I'm looking forward to the boys and Kasey being here over the holidays. Hopefully it will be the usual quiet, peaceful, joyful, loving time.

Nick and Michael are becoming so busy now with work and school, it will be good to have time to just enjoy the abundance of our lives together and the hope of things to come. 

I am already thankful for the grandchild who will makes its way come Spring.

 I am thankful that Michael is so in love and that Kasey is a sweet girl. I am grateful that he got the job that he wanted and that he's doing it well and that it matters to him that he's doing it well. I'm grateful that he is such a responsible young man with a good brain and a loving and generous attitude.

I am grateful that Nick is finding so many new opportunities just by doing what he loves to do. People are finding him and he is doing some amazing things and making some great connections. I am grateful for his big heart, his active mind and his fun nature.

I am grateful for Patrick and his ability to work through just about anything. While others are giving up or giving in, he just keeps going out there and talking to people. I am grateful for his kindness in general but to our family in particular. I am grateful for his sense of humor, his love and his grace.

I am grateful for my mom and grateful for her happiness with Gary.

I am grateful for my brothers, Allen and Tony.

Allen has had a lot on his plate this past year, things he took care of and allowed me to excuse myself from. He buried our dad with more dignity than dad had for himself in life. I am grateful for Allen's sense of duty and his sense of respect and I am grateful that he allowed me to remain distant from the whole thing.

I am grateful for friends. For all of you. I am constantly lifted by your beautiful, fun and thoughtful comments and by your blog posts. I learn so much, too. It's amazing how much knowledge is out there in blogland and how free people are to share it with the rest of us. Thank you!

I am grateful for so much that I could never type it all out.

It felt good to try, though!

Have a wonderful week, whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or just another beautiful Thursday.

Brightest Blessings to each of you. 


Healing Woman said...

What a beautiful post. I hope you are having your blog made into books. I've been doing this for posterity for the family. Hope someday future generations look back and see how we lived our lives.

Everydaythings said...

I too am grateful for your beautiful post making me sit and think of what I am most grateful for in my life... too often the business of life makes me forget that! have a wonderful thanksgiving there.

Lisa said...

Cheryl, I've thought about doing that but haven't. There are, I think, 6 years worth of this blog now. What a great idea to gift your beautiful blog to your family.

Winterwood, it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day isn't it? I wasn't intending to do that in this post but it sure felt good!

Have a wonderful holiday, both of you!

Sandwich Recipes said...

God blesss