Sunday, November 07, 2010

Loving November

 I loved the way the sun was shining on this tree and the leaves below.
 Almost as if the sun were shining from within it.
 Mike, Kasey and Ryan (Mike's friend) were all getting some potato soup. I made a big pot Friday evening and we ate just about every drop that night. You should have seen their faces right after I snapped this. But, you know it makes a mother's heart feel good when they're devouring our food. Plus, Patrick does most of the cooking so I was completely enjoying it while it lasted. 
 Murdock under the quilt, sleeping.
Until the coffee pot beeping woke him up.

A few snapshots of our wonderful weekend.


MissKoolAid said...

I love it when the sun plays in the leaves of a tree like that. Very magical.
Looks like you had a lovely weekend.
Love the photos of Murdock!

Lisa said...

It really was magical, Sophie. Perfect word! ♥

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, beautiful Fall pics, I love this time of year. I made potato soup last week, too. So simple but so good on a cold night. Hope you have a beautiful week!

brandi said...

~beautiful pictures...autumn is one of my most favorite seasons to be out with a camera...always such gorgeous magnificent light! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Samantha Marshall said...

Beautiful photos!!!

Laura said...

love that tree! Gorgeous light...that's what always gets my attention and heart open and present every time Lisa...the light, the shadows the INNER light of the world...especially the trees this time of year!

Aelwyn said...

Mmmmm...I LOVE potato soup!!! I'll have to make some this week!

And Murdock is adorable with his grumpy face after being woken up!

Healing Woman said...

Love your autumn pictures of family and nature. We have been so lucky in the last many weeks to be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons ever. I understand it may be getting a lot colder around Thanksgiving and after. Enjoy it while we can and I know you are doing that!

Just made potato soup too and now after seeing your post, I want more.