Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crafty Space

Patrick often teases me about how my tastes change and with them, our space changes. He comes home and looks around to see what's different since he left. He says it's like an Easter Egg hunt.

At first I was worried that my newest obsession with all things lacey might be a bit much for him. But then I ran across our vision board from 2 years ago and this lovely photo that Patrick himself placed there. When he placed the photo there, I thought it was pretty but I wasn't really into that look. Now it is exactly what I'm in to. Love that man.
Yesterday was the Where Bloggers Create party. I didn't participate but I did enjoy visiting and was inspired to clean up my craft space a bit. This is it when I was finished.
We have a small closet with folding doors, just as you come in the front door. Half of it stores my craft things and the other half is for Patrick's writing books and our business supplies; printer paper, files, file folders, etc.
I got rid of a lot of things to be able to fit all of my art and craft stuff into this space. I have a lot of things in ziploc bags inside that gorgeous pink bag that I bought from Deb several years ago. My paints are all stored in the bag you can slightly see on the other side of the sewing machine. The bag has my fave Van Gogh print and was given to me by Emily, also several years ago.

The pretty boxes have thread and ribbons.

I did have my beads in plastic compartmentalized boxes that stacked. It wasn't very pretty but was pretty functional for a while. But I wanted pretty, plus I had empty jars in the closet just taking up space. I took all the beads and buttons and put them in the jars. I put a piece of foam board (that was just taking up space in the bedroom) on the shelf so the jars and bottles would stand.

I really like it.

When I actually do crafts, I have to drag it all out to the kitchen but that's ok. At least I have space to store everything in a way that makes me smile.

I'm hoping for a crafty day today. I've been for a nice walk and am running a bath as we speak. After that, who knows? :)


Jane said...

I need to get a move's 9:30 here and I'm still in my PJ's and drinking my 3rd cup of coffee!
Thanks for sharing your closet update. Everything looks so organized and I bet it's nice to know where everything is when you're ready to work on a project.
I didn't show the closet in my studio for the Where Blogger's Create II's a complete mess! My husband refuses to go in that room now because the chaos drives him crazy.
Have a great Sunday.

Janet said...

Lisa, that lacy photo is gorgeous! Patrick has good taste.

Love your craft closet and how everything is so organized. And working at the kitchen table isn't all're right in the middle of everything going on.

1 Funky Woman said...

It's so nice to get inspired by others which then motivates you to get some organizing done. Your closet looks great!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

I love your new background! I almost didn't recognize your blog. hehe I hope you enjoyed that bath! :)

J C said...

Me too dragging stuff to the kitchen table Lisa. At least I can leave stuff there since we have a dining room table to eat on, and..more like table in front of tv. I store in the closet in my extra bedroom. It's ok, I am right across from Mz. Wee when I work, and as long as she can see me there, she doesn't SCREAM!!!! Kitchen tables are good! xoxoxo

Dede said...

You have out done yourself with your craft closet! It looks fantastic, so organized. I am just in awe... Have to get my craft room in order, have been working in there for what seems like weeks.Kudos to you for a job well done!


Marianne said...

Yes, all of those craft rooms are so inspiring aren't they!
Hope you had a good crafting day, by the looks of it you were all ready for it.