Friday, June 18, 2010

It Takes a Village

I've had this mirror forever. I think the first time I ever used crackle paint was on this frame and I loved the look at the time. But it is time for a change.
So, I took it outside and painted it this bright turquoise! Excuse my houseplants. It had rained earlier that day and I put them out to enjoy it. I think the turquoise looks great on the mirror and just a few months ago it would have found a perfect place in my home. But oddly enough, my tastes have changed so much, it just didn't fit in anywhere. It is the perfect size and shape for a spot in the bathroom and I've wanted a mirror in there, since there are no windows for light.

I hung it in there for a bit but, as much as I like the color, it just bugged me.
So, I painted it again. I mixed some pewter with mocha java and got this rich, delicious brown.
I love it! I love it so much that it inspired me to keep working (playing) in the bathroom.
I found this in my storage the other day but it had a portrait drawing of someone. I remember buying the picture at a yard sale and liking it a lot. Now, not so much. So I slipped the portrait out and slipped in this page from an old Country Living.
And then I gathered things from around the house.
These are two of the Warren Kimble prints I was talking about. I just love them and now that we have a claw foot tub...even better!
A little vignette, totally stolen from inspired by Mamie Jane.
The flower is from the butterfly bush that you see in my header plus some sage.

It takes a village to decorate our apartment.

A village of bloggers with inspiring ideas.


Gina said...

Love the brown! The turquoise was jarring. I never used to be big on brown, but I've been noticing nuances and a richness that I didn't see before. Funny thing about turquoise - I like the color but not in house furnishings. Must be that 50's reminder or something.

J C said...

You have done a great decorating job Ms. Froggy. xoxo

Danni said...

It looks great! My bathroom is one of the least decorated rooms in my apartment. Perhaps I should spruce it up one of these days.

Sophie said...

Isn't it wonderful how a little paint can completely change something old? Your mirror looks great in brown.
I love your little vignettes. They are always fun and inspiring.

Jane said...

Your bathroom looks great! I love the mirror painted brown. Imagine my surprise when I was reading your post and saw my name...thank you so much, I was very flattered!! And speaking of being inspired...I love the picture from the old Country Living magazine that you hung in the bathroom. I have several old doilies and I love the idea of displaying them by stacking them on a cake plate. Thanks for inspiring me.

Dot said...

You are such a lovely home maker Lisa. Love seeing spots in your home. I think the mocha color you painted the frame on your mirror is grounding and gorgeous (just like you).
Dot xx

Coach Z said...

I like the perspective. It does take a village and the inspiration from lots of brains... isnt it magical?

Healing Woman said...

Another really great post. Love the title too. You are in Grandin village and I thought this post was going to lead to a bunch of your neighbors coming over and helping!!!! They actually did in a way since you revamped the bathroom by buying and borrowing items from others. Love the way your bathroom turned out..

Laura said...

lovely lisa!

WhisperWood Cottage said...

I like the idea of framing the magazine page!