Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moving at a Snail's Pace

    Isn't this little guy cute?

He was in the driveway the other morning.

I took a bunch of photos.

I know. I'm easily amused.

Look how much our little herb garden has grown!

If you enlarge and look to the left a little, you'll see the little snail fella still in the driveway.

Later I came out and he was gone.

Patrick had put him in the garden because he was afraid he'd drive over him.

I love that.


Dede said...

Good Morning Lisa! Love the pictures of the little fella. I am easily amused too. Your herbs are really growing! So sweet that your husband put the little guy in the garden to keep him safe. Wishing you a terrific weekend!


artbrat said...

I love that you took tons of pictures of the little guy. What a cool visitor!

Melissa said...

I would have taken a ton of pictures too...

Danni said...

I can;t remember the last time I saw a snail and not a slug. He's adorable and the photos you took are awesome.