Sunday, February 22, 2009

Secret #7 Consulting with Guides

I'm not sure why, but I've had a lot of resistance to blogging about this chapter.

In my early years, I was so impressionable that I probably had too many people with input in my life. Wanting to please them all, I rarely pleased any of them or myself.

In my teens, I began to consult movie characters as my mentors. I would watch and try to become the women that I admired most. These were rarely the leading women. Usually it was a supporting character who seemed to have her act together. She was the one that held everyone else together. She was the one who garnered respect and I think I craved respect more than any thing else.

I've been fortunate to have a couple of mentors in my adult life. Some of them may never know the impact they've had on my own confidence in my intelligence and creativity. Just by being themselves and being honest about their opinions of my work, they helped me to hone certain abilities and to then take those abilities out into the world. And every time we hone a certain craft, I think it spills over into other areas of our lives and into other work and I hope into other people so that the gift continues on and on.

Now I find myself surrounded by guides, without and within, and I am so very grateful.

For a very long time I isolated myself. I didn't know the importance or the joy of having so many beautiful women in my life. Now that I know, I will never again allow myself to shrink from that energy or to withhold my own energy from others.

We are guides to one another. We are all in this together.


Janet said...

Beautifully written, Lisa! I can relate to this one as I was always trying to please someone else, too. And until I found the blogging community I didn't have too many women in my life. I admire you so much for doing the things you love and for living the life you want.

Melanie Margaret said...

I love the positive energy you put out into the world Lisa. It is always such a treat to come to your blog and feel, really feel your happiness. I am glad for all your blessings.
I was reading back quite a few posts and you wrote about getting emails from Neale Donald Walsh. I get those emails too! :)

KaiBlue said...

Aloha Lisa..
I'm always diggin' your words of wisdom.
We are all in this together..
We are all human..
We only have this one planet..
We'd better learn to play nice and share!!!

Above all else..
Peace, Kai xx

Cynthia said...

Lisa, respecting you and your integrity is easy -- always, I'm so glad to have met you along the way.

Blessed Be

Kathryn Costa said...

This chapter has really helped me to realize that I am surrounded by guides. I love all of my soul sisters!

BTW I love your background image. Do I say that each week? If so, LOL, I'm saying it again.

Natalie said...

What a lovely post, and one that I certainly relate to. I am still shrinking away at this time, but poking my toe out thanks to blogging. Hugs to you.xx

Jess said...

Hi Lisa, this is a lovely post and is so true. It's easy for me as an artist to become isolated but through blogging I've come to meet likeminded peole who are now essential to my creativity. I've given you an award over on my blog. :)x

Lisa said...

Janet, I'm so glad we both found the blogging community and each other! It's taught me a lot about the power of just being ourselves and letting that attract people to us who are our soul sisters.

Melba, thank you for your kind words. I hope you realize how much you've helped me. True Balance helped me along the path SO MUCH and you were the one who had the group blogging about it. Life-changing.

Kai, you always play nice! You are the peace goddess of my life. :)

Cyn, Wow. What a beautiful thing to say. THank you. I'm so glad to know you, too!

Kathryn, I'm so glad you're one of my soulsisters! You may say that every week, but I have been changing it every week. LOL There are so many gorgeous backgrounds and artists willing to share them out there I can't make up my mind.

Nat, you have so much to offer this world. I just know you'll get more and more of you out there eventually. :)

Jessie, Thank you so much! I ADORE that award! And you!!!

D said...

Great post. I love your honesty and can totally relate to trying to please everyone around you but not quite managing to please anyone or yourself.

Thanks for this thoughtful reminder to be our own best guide first.

gma said...

We are blessed to finally be aware of our inner connections with ourselves and others. It has a long journey for me as well.

Shopgirl said...

Thank you for visiting my little blog. I loved reading this last post. The wonderful people I have also found in blogging gives me hope that people really want to be
in a comunity. When I came to the world of blogging, Janet was my support. She was my guide...and then there was Gail and so on, and now I can come here in my pj's, no makeup, toast and a cup of tea and they are there for me.
So with that said, do come by now and then. Mary

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful post! I am so proud of you.
Really pleased you are here and sharing your beautiful self.
I can see this in your art work also!
True we do have many guides within and around us.
Thank you so much for your concerned comment on my blog.
I have decided, my next post is going to be a positive one.

Jamie Ridler said...

Yes, we certainly are, and I am so, so glad.