Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Marney of Artella is Giving a Free Live Workshop!

Just click the pic to register! But hurry. "Seating" is limited and I just took one more "chair."

Presented by: Artella Founder Marney Makridakis

Format: LIVE Teleclass on Thursday, February 26, 8:30pm Eastern Time

Price: FREE!

Requirements: The only thing you need to attend is a telephone. Your only cost, if you don't have a free long distance phone plan, is whatever your phone company charges you for a standard phone call within the U.S.

A message from Marney: With the current state of the economy, now more than ever, people are asking how they can use their creativity to help make ends meet. Believe it or not, in spite of the financial climate, this is actually an ideal time for a creative person to start or expand a business. I've never agreed with the myth that creative people don't make good business people, because in my opinion, creative people are ideal in business, most especially in difficult circumstances, because they have the ingenuity and unique vision that is crucial to innovate and thrive.

Right now, what the world doesn't need is more run-of-the-mill folks starting traditional left-brained businesses, following "Complete Idiots" guidebooks. Rather, the world needs new and expanded businesses by Complete Idealists. With their unbridled creativity, they are born to be problem-solvers and innovative thinkers. They live out of the box. The world needs their products and ideas. Period. And yes, I'm talking about YOU. :-)

So...what is a Complete Idealist?

  • Complete Idealists are very creative by nature even if they haven't had many outlets for their creativity.
  • Complete Idealists are often interested in making a difference.
  • Complete Idealists may have held many different jobs.
  • Complete Idealists are passionate…and may even feel "too passionate".
  • Complete Idealists may have a history of businesses, projects, or other ideas that didn't pan out.
  • Complete Idealists may not have a lot of resources on hand.
  • Complete Idealists often collect self-improvement books.
  • Complete Idealists may have been chided for being dreamers, but some part of them, deep down, is still unafraid to dream.
  • And lastly, Complete Idealists may resist a lot of the material they read and hear about building a business, which stops them from taking action to follow their dreams.

In this free, live class, you'll receive...

  • Practical information about why and how the businesses of Complete Idealists are the promise of success in this economy, and how YOU can be one of them.

  • Real-world guidance to accompany your idealistic dreams...including realistic, actionable tips for distilling all of the overwhelming information and resources that are available.

  • An opportunity to ask me your biggest, most pressing questions about starting or expanding a creative business.

  • I'll also present 37 unique, and sometimes shocking, ways that you can make a living from being your wonderful artsy self. I think it's a pretty safe bet you'll hear ideas you've never thought of before.

If you're on even just a couple of internet mailing lists, you know how overwhelming it can be to have an inbox filled with offers for the next promise of great wealth during hard times. I don't have any huge promises like that, but I do believe that it can make a huge difference when you hear about creative business from someone who is actually doing it right now and speaks YOUR language.

Should someone read a book called The Complete Mandarin-Speaker's Guide to Creating a Business, if she only spoke English? Of course not! So why should people be expected to get information and inspiration from left-brained books and programs that use language and a system that makes no sense to them? It's amazing what happens once a free-spirit stops trying to fit in a three-piece suit. She can still become one heck of a CEO and launch dreams others thought she never could.

So come join me and a whole community of creative souls on Thursday, February 26 for an informative and super-inspiring get-together…designed entirely by and for creative souls who want to enjoy making a living doing what you love. When creativity is fueled with community and inspiration, there's really no limit to what we can do!

I'll be there!


Sophie said...


Don't know if you saw this: McCabe (Dancing Mermaid) is offering an e-course about art camps. She's taking sign-ups now and the course starts March 15th.


Whisperings 13 said...

ohh what a great idea! Darn it - I don't have a land line... any way someone will be taking notes and putting together an oh so great summary blog {{hint, hint, wink, wink}}

Have fun - and learn lots!
Hugs :0)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Lisa! Looks like a great class to check out! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Sophie. I'm all signed up!

Steppin off the edge, I might be persuaded to do that. lol I mean, "someone" might. I did find out at staff meeting last night that it will be recorded! So maybe you can listen.

Lisa, You are so welcome!

Jessie, I sent ya an email. Hugs to you!