Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creepy Me!

Patrick and I took pictures today for the Valley Business Front article about Roanoke Suddenvalues. I had never used the timer function before so I was practicing. I accidentally did video the first time and sat there in this really weird fashion waiting for it to "click." LOL Creepy, huh?

We ended up getting a pretty good picture out of several that we took. Once the article is out, I'll post it. :)

I just had to share my goofiness with you. Everyone together now... da da da da *snap snap* da da da da *snap snap*


Natalie said...

Well, you look pretty.xx

Janet said...

Creepy? NO!! Beautiful? Yes!! said...

This is Dusty,one of Mama's daughters.She has had a really bad night with the pain,If any of her friends here would like to see a donation in a small creation of art , cards or money it would be greatly appreciated. Her hospital bills and meds are running high.Thank you for any thoughts.
It can be sent to
Jessie LaVon 854
Demopolia ,Alabama 36732

Lisa said...

Thanks Natalie and Janet. You are very kind. :)

Dusty, I did a little post about your mama. I'm sending her lots of love and hopefully some art. :)

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

Wow lisa, i think you look fantastic...i can't believe how long your hair is now! It was funny seeing you patiently waiting for that could see how hard you were trying to keep that pose. LOVE it!

Unknown said...

Hey Lisa, What fun! I especially enjoyed hearing your computer boot as you posed.
This wasn't creepy at all - you looked like an author posing for her jacketflap bio :).

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa, you are such a caring lady. I do hope Jessie picks up quickly and easily. This is the same op that my nana had, you can read about her death experience on my blog Grandad and orbs one.
We were so worried about her going through this time, totally feel for this lady and her family!
Bless her so much!

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hi sweetie!

Thanks for droppin' by the Yaya! Love this pic! I too, sometimes am "in la la land" when it comes to techno things. :)

Have a beautiful & creative week! xo...deb

Anonymous said...

I watched it twice before I caught on! You look Marvelous Darling!!! Do more!

Anonymous said...

Love it it is not creepy at all. Still love seeing pics of you you look so relaxed and happy these days. Love the long hair also. Love Hugs and Blessings Ninnie