Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yes, It is a Wonderful World


Dana Marie said...

Oh, I loved that, Lisa! Thank you for posting it! My son (10) and I watched it together and we were both in tears...good tears. Just beautiful!

~ Dana Marie

Mahala said...

I was at Audrey Eclectic and clicked on one commentor's names with the cute icon and it was you! How funny.
Good day to you Miss Lisa. :)!

Lisa said...

Dana Marie, I'm so glad you and your son enjoyed it. I watched it several times myself. :)

Mahala, that's so funny! Nice to see you.

Artgalcrafts said...

hi Lisa
havent been here for awhile so much to do to keep up with everthing.
Hope Jesse gets better soon.
I may be making her a card, but as I am a long way away will take time to get to her.
I make pergamano cards which are embossed parchment.
hope you are having a good day.
thank yo for being a follower . the worlkd is asmall place noe.
Did you l;ook on my blog at my ds blog Verdigris rose.
she does beautiful cards too.
Til next timeLove