Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, Monday

It's been a quiet day here. I got up early and got all my SuddenValues work done for today. I have the weekly update to do tomorrow, but that's tomorrow. :)

I have been painting little things but I have no pictures because I forgot until it was too dark.

One of the things I have been painting is that little treasure holder that I had painted green a couple of posts back. I said I was going to make it into a Christmas decoration and my plan was to sell it on etsy. Well, I changed my mind. It's going to be mine. muahahaha At this rate, I'm never going to build my paypal back up but if a penny saved is a penny earned and I can make my own stuff without going out and buying more, I've earned money, right?

I'm repainting that little thing black.

Yes, black seems to be my new color of choice, again. I remember doing that before. I started feeling the prim itch a while back again. I hesitated because one of the first things my wonderful husband said when he first moved here last year was that he loved how colorful everything was. I was afraid he wouldn't like the prim stuff and it's his home, too.

But he does love kind of vintage things. He didn't bring a lot with him when he moved in, but he did bring some lovely old photos of his grandparents and himself and when he went out shopping for our furniture to surprise me when I got home from work, he had bought wonderful old treasures from goodwill and salvation army. I remember when we used to talk on the phone and one of the things we had in common was our glass collection. A lot of mine got broken when the entertainment cabinet turned over years and years ago. :( Then, what I had collected when I lived with Tim, I left at that house when I left. I didn't want him to come home to a desolate house. Patrick sold most of his stuff in an earlier move. So we absolutely have started from scratch.

The point of that is, I started thinking about the things he likes and realized he may not mind prim so much.

When I painted the shelf black and added some primmy things to it, I asked him about it. He loved it. I mentioned the lack of color with the black shelf and he pointed out that all the stuff sitting on it was colorful! Good point! :)

So, we talked about it and he told me that he loves the way I make our home cozy and comfortable. So nuff said.

Yesterday we were standing in the kitchen and the neighbor across the alley was putting out some trash. Patrick said, "Oh, look what he just threw out." I looked and it was a nice long shelf!! I said, "oooh get it, get it, let's get it!" LOL So he went out and grabbed it and now it's sitting on the porch waiting for a coat of paint. Hmmmm, black maybe? :) See why I love him?

This weekend he teased me that we could spray paint the chairs (fabric ones) black.

Tonight we're going to watch the World Series and we're both hoping the Phillies win tonight, if for no other reason than we don't want to stay up until midnight anymore! Go Phillies.

I never dreamed that I would love sports so much but he was patient with me all last year, putting up with lots of questions and I grew to love the games. I still have to ask questions sometimes but not as many. I can't wait until Super Bowl Sunday. I've been gathering recipes from all over blogland and I'm going to make lots of yummy stuff.

Last year, I told him that this year we would have new friends to watch the games with. Who woulda thunk that they'd live right next door? Jason comes over almost every Sunday to watch a game (usually Dallas if it's on tv) and Justyn comes when she isn't working. I know we're going to have a super fun Superbowl party!

Let's see. I can't think of anything else new to tell you about. I did some laundry today and that's about it. I got dressed to go to the gym. lol I didn't go, though. The day just didn't go that way.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pics of this and that.


I think he just saw Ryan Howard! :D

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looking forward to seeing photos of your revamped treasures!