Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Quite a few months back, I won an apron from Ricë Freeman-Zachery. The idea was that the person who won it would alter it and maybe even enter it into a magazine.

I finally did alter it. I added yoyos, buttons and embroidery. I enjoyed this so much!

Thanks Ricë!

Here's the finished (I think) apron.
Altered ApronIs there anything better than a yoyo?The Apron


Ricë said...

SO COOL! what a great job you did! and the embroidered words are, of course, perfect! i think you really need to submit it, don't you? thanks for playing along!

Sophie said...

Very cute!

KaiBlue said...

That's groovy Lisa. You have such a lovely vision of springtime there.. It was sweet of rice to send it.
Peace, Kai

Kate Robertson said...


Its beautiful, One of these days I will do something with mine too. Right now I am swamped with other work.


Janet said...

I think "you're the peach!!!" That is such a cool apron and you made it even better.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Love it!! I love the saying you embroidered on there--it's something my hub and I say to each other a lot--just for fun! (we are both big Jimmy Stewart fans) The yoyos are the perfect finishing touch!
Smiles, Karen

violette said...

Very cool Lisa.....i love the yoyos and buttons and of course the embroidered saying!

Love, violette

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, this turned out so Beautifully! I Love it!
Sandra Evertson

Sue Seibert said...

How cute! Hope you're well!

Pam Aries said...

CUTE! Now put it on and get in the kitchen! ..Guess what? I am going West in the VW in May!!!!