Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Dream

One of my dreams was to be able to talk about the Law of Attraction and help others with intending and, of course, I am passionate about SoulCollage. You saw my video about the vision suit for my SoulCollage card deck. Anne Marie, who is now not only a facilitator but a facilitator trainer and has the wonderful SoulCollage website called Kaleidosoul, has asked me to lead one of her wonderful tele-classes. I'll be talking about SoulCollage and the Law of Attraction! This is exactly what I want to be doing in my life and I feel like I'm just sitting back and watching it happen.

I've been active. I don't mean to make it seem that intending something and manifesting is just a matter of dreaming and waiting. I've been active in the SoulCollage community, the 100 day challenge community and have really been working to make my various web places more consistent. YouTube, MySpace, my blog...even Etsy speaks to my belief in the pleasure of the Creator to give us every good gift. All we have to do is allow it. I firmly believe that if we love and serve and have our dreams in our awareness, they will come to fruition. (I first typed "truition." I wonder if that's a word? I like it!)

So, that's the dream I was talking about. I'm really excited and a little nervous, but in a good way!

My next self-appointed assignment is to get my flyers and other marketing together for my SoulCollage workshop here in Roanoke on April 19th. I'm really excited about it. I'm surrendering my fear of asking people I already know, including people that I have attended church with and some local Etsy people. Roanoke has an Etsy Street Team now and I'm a part of it!

Everyone have an awesome day! I'm gonna go kiss my sweetie. :)

Happy Birthday to me tomorrow..just in case you didn't know or forgot. LOL

I love you.


J C said...

Wonderful, Froggy. I'm really, truly happy for you! Gee, you and Violette having a dream come true at the same time. Karma?


KaiBlue said...

happy happy happy ones..Im sorry to not get a card out to you Lisa, Ive been snowed in..But may your Birthday tommorrow be glorious!!
PEace, Kai xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Judie! Thanks Kai! Do not worry one moment about it. :)

Sophie said...

How wonderful! Congrats hon! And have a fun filled day tomorrow for your birthday.


violette said...

A very happy birthday to you Lisa! I sent you a wee something in the mail today!

Congratulations Lisa........you are really going places with your dreams! YAY YOU! You rock!

Love, Violette
great little manifestor you :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday
Lisa... Lisa, Lisa....
Happy Happy Birthday
Lisa... Lisa, Lisa....
Hope Your Day is Filled
Up and overflowing with
Joy... Joy, Joy.....
Your Wish Come True and
all Your Dreams Too....
So Have a Happy, Happy
Happy...Birthday Lisa....

Kind of sing it like one
of Doris Day's Songs!

God Bless You and Yours!


GreenishLady said...

Hope you have had just a wonderful, special birthday. I'm delighted to hear you'll be leading the teleclass on Kaleidosoul. I'll look forward to listening to the recording.

FAQ said...

Happy Birthday....congrats on dreams coming true...the law of attraction. "The Secret" I love that book and the message...Keep on believing. Hugs from texas!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Congratulation's Lisa!!!

Have a Splendid Day!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Happy birthday!
Thanks for sharing with us!
Take care,

artbrat said...

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on your dreams coming true. You've been working hard putting your energies in the right places and now you get the rewards. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

That is such fantastic news. Happy Belated Birthday to you. Love Hugs and Blessings

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry I'm late - but I hope you had a happy, HAPPY Birthday, Lisa!
I'm so happy for you, that you are making your wishes and dreams come true! I love your new word too - 'truition' - you ARE bringing your dreams to fruition/truition - may all your good wishes come to truition :)

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Oh, I forgot I looked up truition. It's an eCommerce company.
I also found a blog that says it's the home for musings, anecdotes and practical advice.

I was just curious to know myself
if it was a word. So naturally I
had to find out. LOL!

Pam Aries said...

You ROCK.Sistah!

Gill said...

OH wow...Happy Birthday for last wednesday you!
Hope it was the best!!!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely post on a great blog.
Will visit and read a while.

Love the +ve ring to your 'voice'

Hope you had the greatest birthday.
Sounds like you are moving in a way that feeds your soul.

Stay focussed

Kathie said...

Happy Birthday ... it's still birthday week! I love the new word "truition" and I am excited for your dreams manifesting ... I will look out for your Teleseminar too!


JoyceAnn said...

Congrats on a dream come true. Your life has changed so much , you will be a true example of how the " Law of Attraction " works.

Love my Mermaid Doll , she looks wonderful hanging in my bathroom.

HAPPY belated Birthday !! Sorry I missed it , things have been hectic in my life lately. I need to manifest some Calmness and Me time.

Your folk art paintings look great.

~ Love & Hugs ~ JoyceAnn

Linda said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it's late, I go to your other blog.... And congrats on working with AnneMarie--she's amazing!