Sunday, December 31, 2006

Who is that masked man?

Here's Mr. Tim with his birthdayTwinkies and ice cream. He has on the balaclava I ordered for him from SlackStitches at Etsy and his new leather jacket that I got him for his birthday.

He had a good birthday and we did get to visit with our friends last night. We went to IHOP and I enjoyed two cups of tea while we listened to Scott's tales of Turkey. Their two teenage daughters were with them and I could not get over how they had grown up. They're both beautiful girls, smart as whips and funny as all get-out. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with the four of them.

We went to church this morning and now we're getting ready to enjoy a cup of coffee. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve and the best year yet!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Lisa

Love the photo of Tim in his balaclava and his new jacket (it's gorgeous). He looks VERY happy to be eating his twinkies and icecream (yummmmm).

Sounds like you both had a lovely catch up with your friends last night. Their two teenage daughters sound like they were great fun, and very good company.

Hope you have a happy and healthy new year. It has been SO lovely meeting you through blogging! You are very special to me.


Dotee xoxo

Amy said...

Mmmm...Twinkies and ice cream sound good to me :) Have a great New Year Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Tim! Happy New Year to you and your family Lisa!!

Julie H said...

Lisa, Happy New Year!

and, belated Happy Birthday to Tim.

I feel such a sense of peace as I visit your blog, I actually feel myself relax as I visit with you. Thank you. I do hope that one day I can sit down and have a coffee with you.

Lisa said...

Dotee, and you to me! I am so happy that our paths crossed this year.

Amy Happy New Year to you!

Thanks Heather! Happy New Year.

Julie What a wonderful thing to say. I'm so happy that it has that effect on you. I would absolutely love to have a cup (or two or three) of coffee with you.

Anonymous said...

mmm mmm love IHOP !

Anonymous said...

That sounds lovely. Happy birthday to Tim & Happy New Year to you all!

Anonymous said...

Lol, love the picture of Tim, how's he going to get the food in his mouth wearing that?? hehehehehe

Hope you had a great night. Hugs.

Kitty Couture said...

Happy New Year to you, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

A Happy, Joyful, Glittery New Year to you, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good New Year's Eve, I thought Tim was dressed as a superhero when I first looked quickly. Sorry!!
All's fine Lisa, just have not been posting or going round the blogs as much as I was so exhausted with everything that was going on. Had some time off and am raring to go again. Also before I switched over my blog was having quite a bit of trouble getting comments posted on various blogs.

Lisa said...

Robyn, me too.

Happy New Year Elisabeth. :)

Sarah. lol

Isabelle Happy New Year and welcome home!

I wish the same for you Sioux!

Daisy, That is a load off my mind..thanks. :) Oh and I have been advised to inform you that Tim is, indeed, a superhero. lol

Anonymous said...

What a fun, fun, fun picture....

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, finally getting around to this blogging thing and couldn't believe it when I saw the above picture. The postmistress is so pleased that the balaclava got there on time.Tim looks the biz. though. Hope he remembers to take it off when going into buildings where he's not known.
Thanks for the plug.
Margaret from slackstitches