Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mr. Tim

Today is Tim's birthday. He didn't want a cake. He's not a big cake eater but he did ask for Twinkies so I'll run and get some for him later. I have a couple of gifts for him and one ordered that won't come until later next week. I hope it's a good birthday for him. Tonight a friend of ours will be returning home from Turkey and we're hoping to meet up with him and his wife at the airport and get a drink or something before they drive home (a couple of hours away). I haven't seen them in years since Tim and I can't both leave his mom for that long. He's been to their farm a few times over the past couple of years. Some of my favorite memories are from being at Spirithaven. They are some of the dearest people I've ever known. They have and will always have a very special place in my heart. I really hope I get to see them tonight. It will be an especially nice birthday for Tim if we do.

Tim and I went out for the first time on his birthday, so it's sort of an anniversary too.

I have some Christmas cards and things I want to get pics of and show everyone. I have been so lazy in taking pictures. I will eventually get pictures of some of the things I got for Christmas too. The boys gave me some wonderful craft things that I have had so much fun playing with. Molds and paper clay and some fasteners that work like staples. They have words on them and can go through three layers of cardstock. I'd never even seen them before. Fun! Tim gave me a beautiful snuff box from Turkey and guess what he told me it was for? Glitter!!! Does he know me or what? lol I did put glitter in it. It's very cool.

I've been on here reading all morning. I think I'll go play and see when Mr. Tim would like to open his gifts.

The boys are leaving today. Their dad, stepmom, step-siblings and they are going on a cruise. They're pretty excited, although Nick hates leaving the girl that we can't call his girlfriend for New Year's eve. I hope they have a wonderful time. I will miss them desperately. I plan to organize their room while they're gone and hopefully they will come home to a much more comfortable space.

Hope everyone has a good day and a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I realy enjoyed reading your post this morning! Something about it all just made me feel happy! I love the name of the farm..Spirithaven! Wow! I love that your H told you the box was for glitter! Wheee...btw....have you ever heard of deep fried Twinkies..?? arghhhhh.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Tim! I hope you guys have a great day celebrating :)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Happy Birthday Tim!!

May Happiness follow you both into the New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr Tim! Hope you have fun. Oh and Happy New Year too in a day or two :)

Anonymous said...

I dont why I giggled at the thought of Twinkies Lisa.. Maybe it was watching the world famous chef Anthony Boudain sneak out of his hotel room at 3am in Vegas to go get some deep fried ones..
and suddenly it coungered up a pickie of you too with cream and messy gooie cake everywhere just laughing..
well happy everything Tim..
((hugs)) Lisa!!
Peace, Kai.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pam your post was a happy one. Sounds lovely and mellow. Have fun and relax...Happy Birthday to your Tim (mine has his at the end of Jan)...

Anonymous said...

ahhh another Capricorn - I tell you, the world is full of us! yay for cappys !!!