Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You people never cease to amaze me. Thank you for all your heartfelt comments and good advice.

I have some really bad pictures for you. Excited? lol I meant to have Nick take pictures with his phone. They come out much better but I forgot and I don't want to wait until after school now so I'll just put the ones I took.

I decided that I could not look at my broken down entertainment center sitting in the living room one more day, so Saturday while Tim was sleeping, I took everything off of it and the umpteen million videos out of it and moved it out my way. Now I needed something to put the tv on. I tried a couple of different things and finally settled on this arrangement. It makes me smile everytime I walk past.

I also added a table beside the couch and used one of the lamps from my bedroom. One of my $1 ones.

I really had fun shopping in my own house. I used to think that would be a great idea for a job..decorating people's homes with their own stuff. Now people do that and make big bucks and have tv shows. Who knew? :)

I got out some Christmas stuff. I bought a table runner at a thrift store last year and I couldn't wait to get it on the table.

I put a few other of my favorite Christmas things out. I like drawing it out, adding a bit at a time.

I can't remember where or when (years and years ago) I got that plate but I just love that Santa and the colors.

I hope everyone has a good day. I have some errand-running to do and some shopping. Emily and Caleb (Tim's twins) will be 18 next week so we're going to do some birthday shopping. The next week, Joanna, his eldest will turn..hmmm....25 or 26...man. Time howls by. We need to get the gifts in the mail and I'll take my ornament for the swap at the same time. (I made Salmon patties last night and the whole house smells like fish this morning. I hope the ornament doesn't lol).

Big hugs to all you wonderful women. You really do enrich my life so much.


Kitty Couture said...

Oooh, I love your table runner! Gorgeous! And that Santa...

I'm with you on decorating/redecorating once step at a time... That makes for the best arrangements, at least to my mind! Need to get used to things and make sure I like them the way they are, before moving on to something else.

Thank *you* Lisa for your inspiring post yesterday... I can so relate... I didn't think I could write anything meaningful yesterday, which is why my comment was so short - but it was very earnest. You too enrich my life! (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

I love the arrangment of your TV area it looks so cottagey, lovely.

Your Christmassy things are great. That Santa is fantastic! Wow that beard he's got quite the moustache! (I'll have to show hubby what a real beard looks like - he's recently grown a beard lol :)

Anonymous said...

So very homey - comfortable and relaxing - I think I need to visit you.

Lisa said...

Isabelle, thank you and you said more than you know. :)

Sarah, lol hubby's gonna get you.

Me Thanks and Yes! I think you do need to visit me.

Anonymous said...

Lovely what you have done to your home. The santa plate is wonderful too. I don't think you should feel you have to compartmentalize your thoughts. You are YOU, and we GPS love you for exactly what and who you are.

Anonymous said...

I know I haven't been around much, I am trying little by little to catch up. I thought your post the other day was so real, so heartfelt and so honest. I think it's so important to FEEL, to EXPRESS, to QUESTION and to SEEK! I love the you that you are - we are all on a journey.
I can also feel your exhuberance and fun with the redo in your home. I think it's great fun to "shop" within your own house. I have a garage full waiting for me to do just that! It all looks great!
sorry, long comment here.
Love, light and hugs!!
p.s. I like the new look here - I am STILL playing with my blog for the look that really sparks me.

Amy said...

Hey, it's Christmas at Groggy Froggy! Looks like you've done some redecorating on you blog too. Looking good!

I love what you did with your house :)

Lisa said...

Judie (((hugs)) Thank you. That means lots to me.

Lisa, thanks. I like long comments. :)I just don't know why you haven't been around much...nothin' going on in your life. I hope your mom is doing even better today.

Amy, thanks. I really like your Christmas snowbird. I've enjoyed everyone spiffing up their blogs for the holiday and I had my template all messed up, so I figured I may as well fix it up.

Anonymous said...

Oooo Christmassy blog :) Very pretty. Lol it was me who encouraged hubby to grow said beard...I told him that he can't be a Christian rock music afficionado and not have a goatee beard it's on the Christian rock band governing body mandate hehehe...sorry laughing at my own jokes now.

clarice said...

Lisa your enterainment center turned out charming. It all looks great. Clarice

Anonymous said...

Everything looks lovely, Lisa - you're inspiring me! I need to mix things up a bit around here, too (as well as just keep STRAIGHTENING things up - a LOT, lol) and start decorating for Christmas while I'm at it.
Glad you're having a better day today!

Lisa said...

Sarah, lol

Clarice, thanks so much.

Tinker, thanks. It sure feels better to mix things up sometimes. The straightening never ends, does it? whew.

Cherish the Home said...

The tv looks so nice on that sweet little table! Much better than an entertainment center---in my humble opinion! LOL (o;

You're always making such lovely changes around your home.