Friday, October 27, 2006

A Crock-o-Cat

A Crock-o-Cat
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I just moved this crock from the kitchen to my arts and crafts area last week. I have a few odds and ends in there...paper and felt and stuff. This morning as I was sitting at the desk sewing, Reagan reached her paw in and moved the paper that was lying across the crock so that she could jump in it. Then she just sat there looking at me. I had to take a picture and share it with you. She's a very nice sewing companion-when she's not being too ornery.

What was I sewing? I'm glad you asked. We Are What We Believe We Are I was finishing up the trim on this little quiltie. I didn't really do any quilting so I guess it's really more of a fabric collage.

I was inspired by a C.S. Lewis quote. He can always settle my mind a bit. "We are what we believe we are" was the quote I liked last night so I chose an image to go with it and just kept going. I have a whole sheet of his quotes to play with. I chose them, saved them, reversed them, and then printed them onto iron-on paper so that whenever I want one I just have to cut it out, iron it on some muslin or something and sew it on. I may even just iron them all onto muslin so they'll be ready to be sewn on!

Tim and I ran out to ACMoore today but I didn't get anything. I walked around with clay for a while....I put that back and walked around with watercolor paper for a while....then we left. heee I still hear my mommy at all times "you don't NEED that Lisa." It's a helpful thing. I am going back for that watercolor paper when I have a coupon though. (grin)


paintandink said...

Hi Lisa! Just popped over here from Violette's Message Board... You know, AC Moore has a weekly newsletter -- really it's just their a copy of their newspaper circular -- but it has a link to the 50 percent off coupon that you can print out -- and they let you print out and use a new one every day (so you don't have to wait until it comes in the paper). Have fun shopping!

paintandink said...

Ooopss, the coupon is here:

Melissa said...

Such a sweet shot of your kitty...very charming as is the little collage - a nice light whimsy to your day - and doesn't give you a sense of freedom to walk away from purchasing something?

I got a nice antibiotic prescription today so hopefully I will be feeling much better soon.

Thanks for the break - been struggling with my current project...

Lisa said...

Hey Radiogirl! welcome. I get the 50% off coupon once a week in my email but I didn't know I could print it off more than once. They usually write down the number or enter it in the machine. I will DEFINITELY be checking out that link. Maybe that's why it hasn't been coming on Wednesday for the past couple of weeks.

Glad you stopped by.

Hi Me. Glad you got an antibiotic. You should be back to your old self any time now. I love your new profile picture. Love it!

Lisa said...

oops..correction! I get a coupon by email every week. It is not, however, always 50%. it's usually 40%...but I did just click on a link in an old email and got a new coupon so that's way cool. Thanks.

Pam Aries said...

Aww...the kitty! My cat always curls up in anything new1 A mgazine, paper bag, box! Love the fabric collage!

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

Lisa - this is GREAT! OH the joys of quilties and collage!!!
Adorable kitty pic!
G calls Miss Daisy my studio assistant...she polices all the bits that drop on the floor.


gma said...

Isn't it funny how our kitties want to help. Usually Mr. Balzaar Furry wants to lay down on whatever I'm working on. Love your quiltie.

Anonymous said...

I love your cat picture! LOL!
Everytime I leave a box or a bag on the floor, counters, desk or couch, one of my cats is always sure to climb into it. Cat's are so cool aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Reagan is so cute & the sewing looks great!

I love quotes & I love how they can be used on cards and stuff...

I like quotes by C.S Lewis &
there`s especially one of his quotes which I think of when I`m reading your blog and my other favourites... It says "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." That`s exactly how I feel about my blogging friends :-)

Thank you for your lovely comment on my parcel post, I read it last night and it made me all warm inside! Thank you!

Enjoy the weekend now Lisa :-)

J C said...

Even tho I have no cats (WeeWee would not allow it!!!) I think your Reagan is adorable. I wanted to reach into the computer and scratch behind his ears and hear his motor running. I really like your fabric collage. I have never done one...must try it. I have never even tried yet to put pictures on fabric. Stone age here! I too have a "studio assistant", except instead of helping she destroys...the art, the table, the leg of the chair....Geesh. I am lucky to have stuffing left in my chair.

Julie H said...

Love the collage, as the pic was loading I thought it was a bag - and how cool it would be for keeping treasures in the art room!

Love the kitty picture too.

Anonymous said...

The Kitty in a crock is too cute, Lisa! I love when our cats pose for me.
Love the whimsical fabric art, too!

Dot said...

Ooops - I thought I had left a comment on this post!
LOVE the photo of Reagan in your crock pot! Cat's are so funny how they have to jump into something to see if they fit.

Beautiful quiltie. Lovely colors. I think a quiltie is a quiltie whether you do any quilting or not :). But fabric collage is a great way of describing it!

The C.S Lewis quote is a good one. And what a good idea to print a whole bunch of quotes onto iron-on paper (you are organised).

He hee....I have that voice in my head from my mum but I always ignore it!

Hugs to you

Dotee xoxo

homespun living said...

Hi Lisa, C.S. Lewis is a favorite and your fabric collage looks great. I get that guilty feeling too, when I want to buy something I don't "need" mom was the same way!

Lisa said...

Oh many wonderful comments. I appreciate each and every one. :)

One Crabapple said...

OHH ! I LOVE this Quilt !

The Quote, the colors , everything !

I got the best surprise tonight coming here ! what a cute cute quilt!