Thursday, September 14, 2006


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I was draing a face last night and the next thing I knew, I had a mermaid. She just kind of turned up. :) So, of course, I collaged around her. lol It kind of looks like an elementary school art project but that's ok. I had fun putting it together and I learn something every time I make another collage.

I haven't done much today. It's absolutely beautiful out and I don't know how much longer I can put off mowing the grass. It's so hard to drag myself out there because it takes hours and hours to mow it all, but it really needs it. Tim went riding on the Parkway. He really had a nice time. It's so good to see him relax. We are getting along really well this week and oh goodness did I need that. I was about ready to hit the highway.

I read a good bit of my book this morning. It's really great. Very eye-opening. It's basically like reading the psychology books in college. I used to collect text books on sociology and psychology when I was a student. I just loved that stuff, although the classes were stifling.

There's lots of talk about the types of things that can throw you off balance...your upbringing, your past, guilt, food...some are causes and symptoms all at the same time. Our psyche really works hard to protect us. I have already seen some constructive ways that I can become more balanced about my every day needs. I need to eat better food. I make sure to feed my family and then I don't eat sometimes or I eat chips instead of the meal. That's not a way to promote balance and it sets up all sorts of bad habits and consequences and cycles. Reading about what causes people to be off balance can also help when dealing with others that you love. Rather than just thinking "grrr why does he have to be so grumpy???" (ok, a little self-revealing there,, instead I can think about what may have triggered his grumpiness and if it's something I can help with then I might be able to meet a need for him that will make him less grumpy...or me less grumpy. Yeah, sometimes it's me. Surprise, huh? Um, did I mention I'm a tad menopausal? (Hey, if you're a guy reading this, don't get mad at me. You've never commented so how would I know you're reading it? I'm assuming I'm among women here. K? K.)

I'm weird today. Sorry. I think I'm giddy from the sunshine, the time alone and Tim also ran some errands for me today which was great for me!

ACMoore is having a scrapbook celebration Sunday with demos, make-n-takes, snacks and a 50% coupon for one item. I'm so there. I don't scrapbook, per se, but the info is definitely relevant to collage and altered art and the coupon is great.

Can you tell I don't want to mow? I keep sitting here emptying my mind and making you read it. I really don't have anything else, I'll talk to ya later.


Emma said...

Lisa, first I must say how much I adore your new little froggy! I am a big fan of frogs, and your new picture is gorgeous.

I found what you had to say today very interesting. I have found that my mood effects the entire family, if I am off the my husband is grouchier and the kids are more difficult. When I keep a more even temper, then it all goes so much better, even if someone else is having a bad day. Families certainly have a balance of their own. Your book sounds very interesting, and like the sort of thing I am choosing to read for myself lately.


Miss Robyn said...

curiouser, and curiouser. every time I visit one of you gals - your post is about something i have just blogged about or have been doing. last night I spent an hour drawing a mermaid up for a swap I am in - your collage is similar to what I roughly drew - a starfish, pearl in a shell and a mermaid. that is so freaky.

Miss Robyn said...

I love the way that you are truthful about how you are feeling! let it all out gal - you are amongst friends. eating well is so important for us to be balanced, even the chakras can become off balance with wrong foods. so much to learn and create, so little time.

Lisa said...

Emma, thanks. I just love that picture myself. I'm glad you like it!

You reminded me of something I read in that same book today. She was talking about waffling on something one woman was thinking of quitting her job of 20 years to do something else but she was scared and unsure. She kept tripping over things and falling and the author (also her therapist) suggested it was because of the imbalance due to this waffling. I know I become more clumsy when I'm stretched too far or tired or especially worried..coz all my thoughts are on that and not watching where I'm going). She compared it to changing lanes and how if you're driving and you aren't decisive about which lane you want to be in, everyone around you is confused too. Noone knows where they should be because noone knows what you're going to do next. What you said about family really relates to that! Funny how we are all so different, yet all the same isn't it?

RObyn, Whoa! ooh i want to see it! I's really weird and happens a LOT.

Miss Robyn said...

well- it is just a sketch for a quiltie but when I get the quiltie done, I will be sure to post it!

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

ok I really have to go buy this book....I keep saying that! I know when I am off balance and those around me DO suffer when that happens. I tend to get so in to my art that I don't eat all day - and I feel that too. and the clumsy thing....oh dear, big problem for me and often times it's due to over stress, not paying attention. (In fact I forgot to add clumsy to my 100 list yesterday - lol!)I WILL get the book.... I really want to do some discussion about it!
and good for you for just opening as to your day and thoughts!
p.s. I do have a book I am about to read called The Four Elements.(A practical guide to personal freedom)

Lisa said...

Oooh a quilt..even better! Can't wait.

Lisa, that books sounds good, too! I, like you, kept saying "Oh I do that!" as I read this one. I also recognized things I'm doing ok, so that was good too. :)

Pam Aries said...

When Mama's not happy...Ain't nobody happy! Hee hee! Yeah, moods can affect everybody in the vicinity. Even though I'm on my friends and coworkers feel my moods! I wear my emotions like a giant neon sign!.. your collage!

Vintage Wine said...

I like your collage! It has such lovely colours & a good feeling about it :-)

You`re not weird, you`re only being honest, which is never a bad thing. I hope you find the right balance!

Lots of love