Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Embrace Glam

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I've been in the mood to stitch this week. I can only figure it's the cooler weather. I tried to cross-stitch but my eyes would have none of it! So, I decided to do this little lady that was a freebie pattern. I did her in redwork on a piece of cream felt. I stuck her to a piece of cardstock and collaged around her. I really had fun with this one.

I got lots of new toys today. ACMoore had their canvases on sale, so I got a couple of big ones. I've been really, really wanting some markers but they're so expensive. So, I bought a pretty cheap set with lots of colors to practice with until I'm sure I want to spend the money on the Microns. Let's see...a couple of weeks ago I used my weekly coupon (always at least 40% off) to buy an eyelet setter. Today I finally bought the eyelets..again with the coupon. I picked up some cuties for the Santa and Me Chunky Book Swap, too. I'm getting excited about starting that but I have got to remember to call Mom and ask her to send some pictures of me. I know she has one of me in a red outfit with a big white furry hat, sitting on Santa's lap. He had just given me a lollipop and I was completely engrossed in getting it open. LOL The lollipop was red, too. I'd love to use that one.

My book finally came today. I read a bit while I waited for Nick at school. On the way to the mailbox, I saw a piece of paper in the grass and there was a cardboard bookmark with a frog on it that said "jump into reading." Then I opened the mailbox and there was my book. :) Cool, huh?

I have choir practice tonight. I'm looking forward to it. Afterwards, a few of us usually get together and go out to a local pub and that's a nice relaxing thing. Last week we sat outside and nursed our pints. It was very nice catching up after taking the summer off from choir and it was just a perfect night. One of my choir friends has had a long hiatus...lots of tragic things happened within her family in a short period of time. She and I have planned to go for a nice hike together...take a sandwich and put our feet in a pond at a sweet place called "Happy Hollow." When the boys were small, we used to go there to get (buy) our Christmas tree every year. You pay to cut it..nothing smells better. So pretty there. I'm looking forward to that and I hope we both actually take the time to do it. She's a chef and just got a new job. She's really happy about it.

Alrighty, I reckon I've kept y'all long enough. Talk to ya later.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day - I love little synchronicities like finding the frog bookmark, and then getting the book!
I like the sound of "Happy Hollow" - sounds a lot more fun than "Sleepy Hollow!" :)
Have fun singing at choir!

homespun living said...

I love the redwork! ~ looks great on the collage.
Have fun with your new art supplies!

Anonymous said...

Finding the bookmark and your book being there was cool. Love the red lady. I've been thinking on my chunky book page but don't have a pic of me and Santa. So haven't decided anything yet. I do have pics of Santa taken at my house three years ago. Granddaughters other grandfather plays Santa for partys and at Wal-Mart so he came dressed that year while we had a bunch of kiddys here. Might use one of him to put me in. Have fun tonight at choir pratice and afterward. And enjoy all of your new supplies.

KaiBlue said...

My sister loves froggies too..
It's got to be Karma finding the froggie BM..sing loud, sing strong sis..

PEace, Kai.

Lisa said...

lol Tinker on "sleepy hollow."

Thanks Debbie!

Ninnie, that sounds like a good idea with the Santa picture. I actually found a pretty good Santa pic where he's holding out his left arm, so it would be easy to slide someone in there like he had his arm around them in the sleigh. I figure if worse comes to worst, I'll draw a picture of me as a kid and put it with Santa. lol or use Michael..he looked just like I did as a baby. :)

Kai. :) I like that idea.

Choir was good. Afterwards was good and now I'm home and cozy with all these lovely comments. Thanks. :)

Hulda said...

That redwork looks great! It is nice with those stiches.

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

I'm itching to see that photo. It looks like you have a nice day planned. Enjoy your pint!

Miss Robyn said...

I think that little bookmark was a sign from the angels that you are on the right path!
what are eyelet setters?
I cannot wait to get my book - I ordered it yesterday. look forward to comparing our journeys.

Lisa said...

Hulda, thanks. I was glad to be in the mood to stitch again.

Plainandsimple Enjoy it I did. A yummy Guiness is hard to beat. :) I must call my mom today about that picture.

Miss*Robyn, I think you're right and that's how I took it, too! After starting the first chapter, I'm even more convinced. An eyelet setter is an hole-punching tool that has interchangeable heads and will put those little round metal thingies (or the solid "brads") into paper so you can hang things off of it. I got it for my chunky book. I haven't tried setting any eyelets yet, though.

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

isn't that something that you happened to find that bookmark, I tell you, there are magical mysteries everywhere!
I am planning to get that book myself, I am hoping Barnes&Noble may have it as I have a coupon.
you know I am addicted to art supplies so I have one of those setters, they work great!
Sounds like a good day!

Lisa said...

It really is something. Stuff like that has been happening to me today, too. I think you'll really like the book.