Sunday, January 16, 2011


Often when I paint,  these figures show up. I have often thought that they were my spirit guides showing up in visible form . I am even more convinced now.

December was a tough month.

It was the kind of month that brought me to end of myself and my own strength.

It was the kind of month that lead me to say, "ok, guides, God/Goddess, angels...if you're there then I surrender to the fact that I can't just inner cheerleader my way through this. If you're there, please help. Please help. Please help. Give me signs. Help me to see the signs and help me to follow them. Help me to notice them and to respond. Help. Please help."  

Something to that effect anyway.

Let me tell ya...they did!

Suddenly there were books and quotes and friends and blogs and ideas and energy!

What's funny is that they weren't new things, which is kind of what I was thinking would happen. You know, jobs that I wouldn't really have thought of before,  doing things I probably wouldn't want to do but jobs that would bring us some money.

No. It was SoulCollage, kids and art. 

What is different is that there are new people in my life with new ideas about how to follow this dream. There is also a new enthusiasm and a stronger me who realizes that I don't have to be fearless. I just have to keep going. 

There is one woman, a facebook friend whom I'm yet to meet in person and lives about 45 miles from me. She seems to know everyone in this area. She's amazing. She's an artist, a writer...quite multi-talented.

She saw my updates on facebook about SoulCollage and put me in touch with a couple of people.

One is a nurse in charge of community outreach. She will be doing a presentation on aging and the positive role of creativity. After her presentation, I will invite the group to do SoulCollage. I am so excited!

The other woman is the executive director of Mental Health America's Roanoke office. We spoke for a bit but I haven't heard from her again yet. She is planning the programs for the year so I'm hoping to hear from her in a few days.

Yesterday, I was looking through some old art and posted some things to facebook. This same wonderful woman, Ibby, posted them on her facebook, linking them to people that she thought would enjoy them.

Oh my goodness. That did my heart a world of good.

She also invited me to put them in a gallery that she is heavily involved in. It's one that I wanted to have art in but was too afraid that my stuff wasn't good enough. To have her say, "I wish you would bring some of these to the gallery to sell," means so much to me.

The comments that certain pieces brought made me realize (again, I'm sure, for the umpteenth time) that I don't have to try to make art that other people will like, which always leads to the loss of inspiration and confidence and thus the end of my art. I just have to do what I love, like the crazy painting above, and there are people out there who will love it, too.

Today the world seems full of possibilities.

I am so grateful for signs. I am so grateful for people who offer encouragement and help. I want to always remember what a difference this has made in the way I feel and to return the favor by doing the same for others. 

I am still applying for jobs like crazy. I am learning that it's not enough to sit back and "know" things are going to be ok. 

Action is the magic ingredient. 

Have a great week everyone.

Brightest Blessings to you all.


Linda said...

All shall be well. Repeat. All shall be well. Sending you blessings of loveliness. Namaste' Lisa!

artbrat said...

I'm so happy that things are starting to shift to better place for you. Thank you for a very uplifting post that reminded me that times may be rough, but good times will follow.

Monique Kleinhans said...

so good to actually feel and see the connections....I know they are there even in my dark times...but that feeling of seeing a glimmer of light shining and then realizing that I'm a part of it...that is a good feeling. So glad that you are feeling the possibilities again!


Jeanne Fry Art said...

So glad that you are shedding the fear, which is one of the most difficult parts of being an artist sometimes, but letting it go opens so many doors :0 Bravo Lisa !

Yvonne Anderson said...

Today the world seems full of possibilities...

Today the world IS full of possibilities.

Love & Light,