Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art Through Meditation

This is a painting I'm working on today.

I got my work done fairly early. Patrick was out and Mike was sleeping (he works the graveyard shift) and I was just really in the mood to create something today.

When I first started, I almost let myself go back to the internet to be inspired. Often this leads to me being overwhelmed and doing nothing.

I finally realized that though I have stopped running to others for advice concerning my life, instead choosing to meditate and listen to my own inner wisdom, I have been looking all over for inspiration for art!

Today I stopped myself.

I remembered.

I don't need to ask anyone else. I don't need to look at what they're doing.

I need to stop, meditate, listen and respond.

So I lit some incense and candles and played some music that I love. I started painting and when any sense of judgment came up, I dismissed it and just got lost in listening and painting. Listening and painting.

The painting shown is what I have come up with so far and the most amazing thing about it for me is that it was very emotional for me. I hadn't painted like that in a very long time and it felt like worship. I felt such joy.

Then, I shared it on facebook thinking that a couple of my friends would like the idea of it. I wasn't really showing it so much as "look what I did" as I was just so happy and sharing that happiness.

Was I ever surprised by the folks that commented and "liked" it and some picked it up on their pages. 

It's very exciting and feels good but even more it speaks to that sense of Source (or whatever YOU call it) within us, connecting us.

I think the people who like the painting are sensing whatever came through me into it.

I think the thing I was somehow expressing is being appreciated by them because they recognize it.

Art, perhaps, isn't so much about making a pretty picture or being precise or shocking or whatever it is that we worry art is supposed to be. Perhaps it is more about expressing that thing that connects us so that we can look at it together and say, "Namaste." I recognize you/me.

Life is amazing.

I will be doing a lot more listening.

Much love to you all. 


Jeanne Fry Art said...

Love the colors you're working with and the changes you've been doing on your blog. It has a very warm feeling to it. Looks like you're going through an inspirational growth period.

Lisa said...

Thanks Jeanne. I think so. I can be stubborn sometimes so the growth can be slow going. :)

brandi said...

~i can sense it...feel it and am learning as well to embrace such emotion and movement...sometimes it can be so difficult to free our minds...create just as we are...a beautiful piece you have made...much love light and blessings always~

Kat said...

I have to agree with the growth period. If you look at the chakras they actually look like flowers opening up to bloom. Very emotional piece Lisa and I love it!!

J C said...

It makes me feel very spiritual. I like it.

Laura said...

so wonderful Lisa!

Tricia said...


DMG said...

Lisa, Once again you've managed to express exactly how I feel about something: art and its purpose. We've never even met, but we go back a loooong way. I'll bet you don't even remember that you're the person who taught me how to create a link in a blog post, but I put a cry for help out there, and you came to my rescue. And you did it again tonight, you precious thing! I remember how happy I was at your wedding even though was thousands of miles away, and I'll be thinking of you and wishing you luck tomorrow too.

As always,
Big hugs,

Pam Aries said... are so right. I need to get back to meditations. You are inspioring me..and boy do I need it !

Unknown said...

I'm such a geek. I looked at your painting (it's beautiful by the way) and thought it looked like the Goddess was yelling, "Yay! I'm colors!" :P

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for your comments everyone. They mean so much. Blue Faerie, you made me giggle.