Sunday, October 04, 2009

Autumn This and That

I took some pics of the full moon last night but they didn't turn out so well. Really need to remember my tripod for that. But this morning I was sitting here at the computer and noticed a strong light. I looked out and there she was. A little blurry, here, but you get the idea of how beautiful this morning surprise was. You can see I shot it through a screen. It was just at the top of the tree line. So gorgeous.

Yesterday, the Market had its annual Harvest Festival. Patrick and I went down and walked around a bit.

The man at the table above (whom you can't see lol) had a 5-second rule. If you stared at his table for 5 seconds, you had to try a piece of his cake. It was yummy and had no refined sugar or anything in it.

I love all the color in this pic. There's Patrick to the right eating his healthy piece of cake.

We came home and started cooking. Patrick grilled chicken and pork chops. I roasted the last of the potatoes we brought back from WV. We watched a little football and I baked a bunch of cookies. I baked for hours and played on the computer. A pretty perfect fall day, if you ask me.

We were invited to a party last night and we both wanted to go, but it started at 9pm. That is my party OVER time, not my party start time. I was so tired. I think Patrick probably would have gone if I hadn't been a spoiler. (because he watched part of the game with his eyes closed earlier in the day :ahem:)

Today, Patrick is making chili and I'm chillin' on the computer (again). I think I'd like to work on some art today but not sure what I want to do. Probably a spirit/altar/healing doll. I have a glass one I keep meaning to photograph. I"ll try to get that up tomorrow or later today even.

I hope you're having (or had) a great weekend.


Heather said...

what a pretty fall day!

Laura said...

Lisa I love this moon photo. She is indeed beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your morning perspective of her.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Lisa ~ I took sometime last night to go out and enjoy that beautiful harvest moon , it is gorgeous.

I love Fall festivals , hope you had fun.

~ Autumn Blessings ~

Katie @ said...

Okay, never thought I'd say I miss Roanoke. At least not miss with that deep sort of ache that only happens for things you really truly enjoy. Your pictures did it. Missing Roanoke.... :)


Rue said...

I'm glad you got to hit the market with your sweetheart. I went to our market too - so many pumpkins! I was in heaven!