Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tweak, Tweak

The picture taker is crooked. Not the wreath. That little birdie was the first Christmas ornament that Patrick and I bought together.

I've been redecorating the kitchen, too. Pictures later. Patrick's in the kitchen taking a conference call. I don't want him to think he married a complete lunatic so I'm not taking anymore pictures of yet more changes in front of him this week. hehe


Mahala said...

I like the birdhouse in the wreath idea.

Anonymous said...


I had to get a tripod to put my camera on so my pictures weren't always tilted.


Anonymous said...

Oh, bless so much, you sound such fun. My hubby says I am mad while laughing, he never really knows me, keeps them on their toes,lol!
I love your little but so important touches you are making in your home.
My mum and John (stepdad) love birds. I grew up with canaries in our garden avery, outside. We had one old bird that no male would take her seriously for mating. She was so mothering and feed all the other baby birds. One year she did have her own, we were so proud.
Birds are the beautiful voice of the earth. I think as long as they are here, we are ok. Thank you so much sharing your beautiful home.
Have a great day!

akawest said...

Oh, keep snapping away...such cute pictures!

Heather said...

arent these sweet!~

Lisa said...

Mahala, thanks!

Gretchen, thanks. I have one but never think to use it.

Julie-Ann hehe husbands can be silly, can't they? :)

Thanks Lisa!

Heather. :) Thanks!