Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eventually, I will get it right.

So, I think I'm hopeless at this decorating thing. But I keep trying.

I had to laugh when I looked at this one. I grabbed a couple of napkins for dinner and Patrick had already grabbed a couple himself. I was so hungry that I just kind of tossed them back in the basket. Looks pretty, right? lol


gma said...

Hi Froggy...It is so cute the way you are feathering your nest. Our homes are reflections of our spirit. I imagine your home to be a soulful place...

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Your home does not look like a fancy decorator showplace, it looks homey and warm and comfy, which I think suits you so much better!

Guess who won the drawing on my blog??

Yeah! Congratulations!
Smiles, Karen

Lisa said...

Gemma, lol you made me giggle saying it was cute. I guess I'm like a newly wed "girl", huh? :)

Karen, that's exactly what a want...homey and warm and comfy. Thanks! And Y-e-e-s-s-s-s I won I won. Woot!

cwa said...

Your bird and little bowl with potpourri are so cute. I also really like your table. It has great curves.

It sounds like you are just like me, still trying to figure out how to put things together to get the look you want. I have decided I am just going to embrace the hunt for a style and enjoy the process. I hope you have fun experimenting too!